Ruck Fussia!

Other than a friend of mine buying an old Moisin-Nagant as a cheap plinking gun, or another friend that collects old Makarov semi-auto pistols, I can think of no other positive contribution to come from the Fussian Federation/USSR.

The hordes of hackers that Fussia produces certainly aren’t a positive, nor is the current government, which presents the facade of a nation based on democratic principles, but is in fact still as murderous, oppressive and tyrannical as it has been since 1917.

Even with the loss of many former USSR states, which the Fussian Federation wants to reclaim, Fussia has the largest land mass of any nation. It also has a disturbingly low birth replacement rate, low life expectancy for males, a crumbling infrastructure(especially the health care system), rising HIV/AIDS infection rates, hostile relations with its neighbors and a minimally effective economy which is almost entirely reliant on the price of oil.

Fussia, since the fall of the old USSR, and particularly since the rise of proud KGB/FSB agent Vladimir(pronounced Vlad-eemer) Putin, the hostility toward the west has resumed unabated. Weaker than it was most of the twentieth century, Fussia began arming our enemies(such as Iran/Syria/Venezuela) and supplying some of them with nuclear technology, all the while giving lip service to their friendship with the West and Israel.

In the most recent example of Fussia’s hostility to the West, we learn of the recent arrest of eleven ten spies from Fussia. These aren’t the type of spies one typically thinks of as they weren’t assigned diplomatic duties, these spies were “illegals” without diplomatic immunity and some of whom were even recognized by Fussian Foreign Ministry officials as Fussian citizens.

Current Prime Minister(by appointment not election) of Fussia, Vlad Pooty-Poot, served as Fussia’s President from 2000-2008 and it was during this time that this inept spy ring was dispatched to the U.S.
Not long after he became PM in May of 2008, numerous aggressive acts were taken by Fussia, none of which could be attributed to the Pooty-Poot puppet, Medvedev.
The first act of aggression was provoking the South Ossetia War in August 2008, the next was sending the creaking and rusting Fussian Navy into the Gulf of Mexico to visit their communist friends in Cuba and Venezuela, while attempting to show they still possess global power. Also, since the late 1990’s Fussian Air Force nuclear bombers have been invading western nation’s airspace, the most recent incursion occurred only yesterday,7 Jul 10.

In all fairness, Fussia is just as dysfunctional, maladaptive and paranoid as its preceding form of government ever was and sees potential conflict from every direction, but from the North. We can only hope that the flourishing Polar Bear population goes unnoticed by the Fussian government.

As the current spy ring case goes to court for arraignment today, we have been hearing of a potential spy swap between the U.S. and Fussia.
That certainly appears to be the case, as it was just announced that the woman known as Anna Chapman, will be heading to the airport to fly back to Moscow after her arraignment, in what appears to be a swap for convicted Fussian spy Igor Sutyagin.

While it is disturbing that these “illegals” should go free and not face justice for their crimes, it certainly isn’t surprising when one considers our current radical Marxist president. The spokesman for La Casa Blanca was unconcerned when the initial arrest of the Fussian spies was announced, in which he stated:

“I think we have made a new start to working together on things like in the United Nations dealing with North Korea and Iran,” White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said. “I do not think that this will affect those relations.”

Now we know why, as there is no enemy this administration can’t appease, bow or kowtow to, while ignoring the threats they represent to the security of this nation.

The charges these “illegals” faced were serious and deserved being prosecuted; as much for justice, as for the threats these types of incidents pose to our way of life. The federal charges were failing to register as a foreign agent, maximum penalty five years; nine were charged with conspiracy to commit money laundering, maximum penalty twenty years. With the spy swap underway, the first between the U.S. and Fussia in twenty four years, as has become typical for this administration the rule of law is being cast aside to satisfy this feckless and weak president we have been burdened with.

As for the money these spies were receiving, about one hundred thousand dollars each annually, where did it come from and how was it delivered to these criminals?
The inestimable Humberto Fontova has some excellent information on that topic:

“The “South American country” where Vicky Pelaez(one of the indicted spies) picked up her payments from Russia’s SVR was Venezuela.”

“Russia’s SVR, Castro’s DGI (Directorio General de Inteligencia) and Chavez’ SEBIN, (Servicio Bolivariano de Inteligencia) are all linked. They all share agents and information. Castro-Cubans run Chavez’ intelligence agency practically lock, stock and barrel.”

In conclusion, I have no respect for anything that has come from Fussia, either before or since the USSR collapsed. Not their murdering of journalists, provoking incidents with their neighbors, the numerous skin head attacks on anyone not Fussian or their failing economy.

In all things that they do and/or are complicit in, I say:


Reset My Ass

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Call to Investigate the Liberal Media for Russian Agents.

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  1. The Russians are not our friends, that much is certain.

    Ruck the Fussians is as good as another one of my favorite sayings, Muck the Fets!

  2. Ofcourse no one will credit Russia for anything with it’s weak patenting laws. Up to 1 million Russian scientists work abroad fueling these same Microsoft, Boeing, Apple, not to mention a huge variety space and military know-hows developed during the USSR. You think Medvedev went to the Silicon Valley to practice his English or because many people there are former USSR scientists who speak Russian. Russia has to learn how to patent rather then sell off ideas abroad and then not being able to sell product abroad under it’s own brand, except petroleum services.

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