Born a Rebel

Always have been. Always will be.

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  1. Dang – TP performing in front of a giant battle flag!

  2. Well, remember his roots.

  3. When our high school won the state championship in 1990, they made a montage tribute video of the season and used “Won’t Back Down” as the theme song. Of course they blanked out the words “you can stand me up at the gates of Hell” from the video.
    A small, but quick and fast team that wouldn’t back down from much bigger and highly regarded teams.

    State title game:
    Part One
    Part Two

  4. “Won’t back down” is my personal motto!

  5. One foot in the grave, one foot on the pedal…lived like that for years.” Born a Rebel” is my second favorite Tom Petty song, my first favorite..”Won’t Back Down”
    Love me some Petty

  6. Swampie, what on earth is that second song?

  7. I require actual sentience in my entertainers.

  8. Heh. Son and his friends played that out in the barn frequently back in the day. Neighbors never called the police about the noise but I dunno why!

    • They didn’t call because they were shredding and headbanging their butts off.

      • I staggered out of the bedroom one Sunday morning to cook breakfast before church, woke up daughter, checked son’s bedroom which was empty but he had been practicing late into the night, looked in the living room in case he and the band members had crashed there, and saw about 25 teenagers rolled up in all my spare blankets on the carpet, band members, girlfriends, fans, neighbors, I don’t who all the hell they were. I went and woke up SwampMan, told him we were NOT going to church, and he was taking me out to breakfast NOW. And we would be gone for at least 3 hours.

        SwampMan was grumbling his way out the door about what the hell was the matter with me when I shushed him and hissed “look in the living room NOW.” He did, said “Good Lord!” and headed for the door.

        Sheesh. I knew where MY kid(s) were. Let the other mothers sort it out. I didn’t want to be there for the phone calls!

      • Had something similar happen.
        Partied hardy with my friends and their ladies. I had to crash because I had to go to work early. They left, but at some point in the night they all came back.
        I went staggering down the stairs and all I could see were people laying all over the living room, in the den and some in the dining room, with motorcycles parked in the living room.
        I had to laugh…but no one heard me.
        Went back upstairs, locked my bedroom door and left.

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