Obama plugs the hole! — It’s a 3-fer! (update)

Faster than a locomotive, more powerful than a tall building, and able to leap speeding b-b’s in a single bound

… Look! Up at the Teleprompter! It’s whazzisname.

BP has announced the oil has stopped flowing into the Gulf.

Look for Preznit Obama to come on TV and claim credit for it in 10 … 9 … 8 …

Update: I missed the timing by 4 minutes. My bad.

But Preznit Obama got a 3-fer.

1) He got a chance to blame Wall Street for the economic mess, and make the outlandish claim that only criminals should be wary of the just-passed economic “reform” bill.

2) He got a chance to blame Republicans for everything else wrong in the economy.

3) He got a chance to claim credit for plugging the oil leak but deftly postponed it until tomorrow, for another chance to control the news cycle.

All in all, not a bad day for ol’ whazzisname

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  1. You know, if a leader that I respected stepped up and called for people to take up arms against the government, I’d be there.

  2. Apparently, the POTUS is so powerful that he can he summon the forces of nature to plug the damn hole. However, there is one weakness…it only works on golf courses!

  3. DAAAAAAAADEEEEEEE, did you plug that hole yet?

  4. Obama behaves as his usual self, so don’t get surprised.

  5. You know, the way you guys who posted comments hate Obama, somebody who hadn’t paid any attention in recent years might assume he had done something like start a couple of enormously costly wars as opposed to attempting give more Americans decent health care or shorten the leashes on industries that pledge allegiance to…what? Certainly not our beloved USA.

  6. somebody who hadn’t paid any attention in recent years

    That thing you are holding in front of your face, it’s called a mirror.

    attempting give more Americans decent health care or shorten the leashes on industries that pledge allegiance to…what?

    Only someone looking into a mirror could believe that crap.

    As for the two wars, more than 50million people have been freed from despotic regimes, and in the case of Iraq, they now have free elections. If those who have a crush on Øbummer were so outraged by our presence in those countries, then why are we still there? Why is gitmo still open?
    The answer is, those actions were the correct ones to take in the first place and the boy child president we now have was forced to come to that realization.
    As for ØbummerCare, it was never intended to be an improvement in our health care, it was a power grab of our government on our freedom and liberty. If this abominable legislation goes into full force, health care in this country will decline rapidly.

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