Selling Indulgences, 21st Century Style

Mike Yon points to this post from Matt Holtzmann, who reports a number of kiosks at SFO where one can purchase feel-good carbon offsets for one’s flight.
“There’s a Sucker Born Every Minute”


In the case of the environment, we now have a class of con men similar to the priestly class in the 1400′s responsible for selling indulgences, forgiveness, and exemptions from penitence. Instead of the religious hucksterism of the “pardoners” as Chaucer wrote, we now have ATM style environmental conscience cleansing.

ATM-style environmental conscience cleansing!

PT Barnum would be prould.

The Official Birthplace Of ‘Boogie Woogie’ Is My Home Town

I came across this information a little over a week ago. Following links and reading about the history of this unique musical style has consumed hours of my time. Not only am I fascinated with the extensive research into the history of Boogie Woogie, but it has been an education about the history of the town and region of Texas where I grew up.

Born in the pine tree logging camps near my hometown before the War Between The States, a small narrow gauge rail line existed between Caddo Lake and Marshall(about fifteen miles), which did not connect to any other major rail lines. At about the time of the War, that track was removed and helped to connect Marshall(a major city in the state and Confederacy) to Shreveport, La., only thirty five miles to the East. After the War, Marshall became a major railroad hub and Boogie Woogie was then free to travel the globe…which it has done.

The extensive research for this official designation came from one Dr. John Tennison of the Boogie Woogie Foundation. I didn’t fully understand what a tremendous impact Boogie Woogie has had on the music world, until I read through the vast amount of information on that site, including the wealth of links.
You owe it to yourself to read as much as you can, for it truly is a work of love.
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Sunday Morning Gospel

Okay, Johnny Cash ain’t exactly gospel, but I like it, and it’s MY POST. So there.

Be sure to post your favorites unless you’re a Godless heathen.


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