Another Assault On Property Rights

Rain drops keep falling on your head?
That’s okay, just don’t have any rain barrels or cisterns collecting it, in certain states.

A story and video from Natural News.

As bizarre as it sounds, laws restricting property owners from “diverting” water that falls on their own homes and land have been on the books for quite some time in many Western states.

With so many “green” initiatives being promoted, it would seem to me that a water conservation method, such as rain collection, should be encouraged.

Prior to the passage of these laws, Douglas County, Colorado, conducted a study on how rainwater collection affects aquifer and groundwater supplies. The study revealed that letting people collect rainwater on their properties actually reduces demand from water facilities and improves conservation.
Additionally, the study revealed that only about three percent of Douglas County’s precipitation ended up in the streams and rivers that are supposedly being robbed from by rainwater collectors. The other 97 percent either evaporated or seeped into the ground to be used by plants.

We’ve already seen what “eminent domain” means to property owners, or even the more insidious “appropriation through condemnation.” Now, some of our citizens can’t even keep the rain that falls on their property.

I sincerely hope this draconian law doesn’t spread.


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