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You could take what Obama knows about small business and the mindset of the people who own them and shove it up an ant’s ass and it would rattle around like a marble in the Super Dome.

Neal Boortz

File this under, “wish I had said that.”

The Entire Glenn Beck Restoring Honor Rally video

Vodpod videos no longer available.

h/t Hope for America (thanks Fastac)

CBS Lowballs Beck Crowd Estimate

You just knew this was going to happen …

“An estimated 87,000 people attended a rally organized by talk-radio host and Fox News commentator Glenn Beck Saturday in Washington, according to a crowd estimate commissioned by CBS News.”  LINK

More: Nice catch from William Jacobson

And more: The day after wrap-up from Doug Powers …(at MM)

“Jack Butler’s gonna like you.”

Remembering Stevie Ray



Posted on August 26, 2010 at 9:29 PM

Updated today at 12:46 PM

Twenty years ago, guitar legend and Austin icon Stevie Ray Vaughan was doing what he did best.

On August 26, 1990, the Grammy winner was on stage playing to 30,000 fans, but that show would be his last.

“We were at the top of our game. It was kind of like an understanding in the band that everyone gave 110 percent every time you got up there, no excuses”, said Tommy Shannon, bassist for Double Trouble.

Stevie Ray Vaughan moved to Austin in 1971, and changed the local music scene.

At that time, Shannon couldn’t imagine a world without his band leader. Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble were hot, and playing to a sold-out crowd at the Alpine Valley Music Theatre in Wisconsin along with Eric Clapton, Robert Cray, and Buddy Guy.

“The magic of it was those two days with Eric, Eric Clapton. We were staying in Chicago. I had a good talk with Stevie after that last show. Everybody was feeling great. We were glad for what we had, what we had come through, and that we were all in great shape. We liked each other, loved each other, loved our band,” said drummer Chris Layton.

But the band and music would forever change that night.

Layton remembers this conversation with Vaughan, “He said, ‘I’m going’ and I said ‘goin where?’ He said ‘I’m goin back to Chicago. They offered me a seat on one of the helicopters to go back’. I said ‘why are you leaving?’ Everybody was there; his brother, his sister-in-law, management, all this different family. And he said he was going to go back and call his girlfriend in New York, and I said, ‘They got phones all over the place,’ and he said, ‘I gotta…I gotta go…I’m going to go.'”

Then early the next morning, they got the news no one wanted to hear. “He said one of the helicopters, the one Stevie was on went down and there were no survivors. And I have no words to describe what that moment was like”, said Shannon.

The members of Double Trouble rarely talk about that night. The pain still makes it difficult.

One More Reason I Won’t Join Face Book

Never was interested in FB in the first place. Seemed like another “fad” to me, another one of those popular things to do, which doesn’t appeal to me.

Then, I heard about the security issues that members had to contend with. That certainly didn’t increase my interest.

Then what was the final straw? I got an invitation from a “friend” to join. The FB invitation even chided me by showing a list of people I already knew that were on FB. Many of these alleged friends didn’t even know my real name, only my pen name. I thought WTH? How would FB know that? All of those people never invited me; then the realization struck.
FB was reading my contacts list on my email account!

That not only made me angry, it made me feel violated and I swore I would never even consider joining that vile network.

Now I find there is yet another reason for me not to join, as well as a reason for my friends and family not to:
Face Book Is Shutting Down Conservatives Pages!

On August the 22nd Jane’s Facebook profile, complete with as many as 5,000 friends and contacts, was wiped off of the face (book) of the earth. Jane tells us that this practice has apparently become “a hobby” to those in charge of the social networking site. Unfortunately she is right. Jane’s experience was not the only one in the very recent past that we are familiar with. In fact, on or about July 20th my “Conservative Refocus” Facebook profile was also deleted along with 3,000 + friends and contacts.

I highly recommend reading the article, as well as the comments. This instance of deletion is not the only one.
Also, I did not know this, until I read the comments, that one of the co-founders of FB, Chris Hughes, was brought in to work on the Øbummer 2008 campaign online social media networking.

FB can go straight to the ninth circle of Hell without stopping at the first eight, as far as I am concerned.

Surfing Elephant

Saturday Night Jerry

Why Americans don’t trust Muslims (Part 82971)

If you think the acts reported in the following video are depraved, then you are obviously a bigot.

LSU Football Player’s Inspiring Story

I received this story in an email from one of my LSU alumni relatives. It was posted on one of their fan boards.

With the 2010 football season rapidly approaching(19 days and counting), I thought this story would be a good read for football fans and non-football types, as well.

This weekend I got to visit with a good friend from Slidell. She is a Chemistry teacher at Slidell High where Armand Williams is from. Armand was raised in New Orleans East. He and his mom lost everything in Katrina so they moved to Slidell to start over. She was telling me that Armand was one of her best students that sat in the front of class, paid attention and always did his assignments, just a top notch kid.

During the football season for Slidell she noticed that Armand went from being a leader in the class to sleeping through classes. He went from making top grades to average grades. Like any good teacher would do she went to him and asked him what in the world was going on with him. He let her know that he and his mom were homeless and living in his mom’s car. She didn’t have a job and didn’t have the money for food so when he ate his free lunch at school that was the only meal of the day for him. Here is this 6’-3” football player that was sleeping in the back seat of a car with his mom, trying to do well enough in football to get a scholarship, trying to keep up his grades. All on just one school lunch every day.

Right then she gave him her cell and her husband’s cell and said “I want you to call me or my husband every day after you get done with football. We’ll come pick you up from school, you’ll eat dinner with my family and after that you’ll do homework with my kids.” Armand did just as she asked and he went right back to getting great grades and paying attention in class. She also worked with his mom to get her reestablished in a home so Williams could have a place to stay. One night after doing homework and eating with her family they dropped off Armand where his mother was living. Just minutes after dropping him off at his mom’s place they got a call. His mom left a note on the door saying she was leaving and that he was on his own, he needed to find a place to live. From there on he lived with my friend’s family. He had a stable home and as much food as he wanted.

As most of you know Armand wasn’t an instate player that LSU really showed a lot of interest in. His senior year Slidell had a very young QB that wasn’t the best passer, so the only way that they could get him the ball consistently was by WR screens. He didn’t have outstanding stats or the best highlight tape so a lot of top teams didn’t really know what he could do. So he committed to Arkansas who gave him the best offer that he had.

After the season he went to Emfinger’s All-Star game in Texas. He got a chance to play with a good QB and lit it up. He finished the game with over 200 yards receiving and won MVP of the game. Luckily Coach Gonzales was there and saw what this kid could do with a good QB. He called Miles and told him that LSU had to offer him a scholarship and asked why they weren’t recruiting him already. Shortly after he earned an LSU offer and quickly committed.

A few days after reporting to LSU for the summer Armand called my friend and was in a full panic. Apparently Slidell High didn’t process his transcript papers correctly so he was going to have to leave school if he couldn’t produce a sealed and signed (by the high school principal) copy of his transcripts. Luckily she was able to get a copy the same day and bring it to LSU.

While there she wanted to check on how he was doing with football and see if there was anything she could do to help Williams. When she got to the ops center she found Coach Gonzales and he brought her to Miles’ office where she got to meet with the offensive staff. Miles was the first to greet her, he got out of his chair and gave her a hug and told her, “Welcome to the LSU family, we don’t shake hands here. Thank you for all you’ve done, I know it wasn’t easy but it is appreciated.” They let her know that they are going to play Armand on special teams this year and they wanted him to get up to 220 lbs (he’s not that far off from that now) so that he could be ready to try to fill in where Rueben Randle is playing now in 2011.

While saying goodbye to the coaches Miles told her that he looked forward to seeing her in the family section at the LSU games. She told him that she had never been to an LSU game before because she’d rather watch the game in HD at home and avoid the crowds. Miles told her “You are Armand’s family. You are in the LSU family. If you are really concerned about him doing well and about LSU doing well we need to be able to look up from the field and see those who support us. I can’t wait to meet the rest of your family after our first home game this year.” Needless to say she promised that they would go to all the home games.

I just thought it was a cool story. In one year’s time this kid is going from living in a car and only eating one meal a day to earning a scholarship at LSU, getting good grades in summer school, and in about a month and a half he’ll be running out of the tunnel in Tiger Stadium in front of 92,000. He just needed a lot of food, a place to call home and family support. I’m glad he’s at LSU.

Such a great story of good people helping a good kid facing a rough time.

I sincerely hope Armand will take full advantage of the opportunity that has been presented to him. We so often hear of young men on athletic scholarships that behave badly or don’t take advantage of their opportunities.

Having faced adversity at such a young age, I think this young man will have a level of experience and maturity most of his teammates can’t comprehend.

Below is a video of this young man playing football. I like the way he conducts himself and how he courteously gives the ball to the referee after scoring, instead of acting like so many do…idiotic.

Twice Deported Illegal From El Salvador Robs and Murders 14-Year-Old Houston Girl

Read all about it in the Houston media. It isn’t like anybody besides bloggers will cover it nationally. Y’all really think that the MSM is going to cover this one? Nah. They’re too busy covering the government reluctantly approving the money for adding 1,000 more border agents.

Think about how you would feel if you found out this POS had been deported TWICE for DUI, then successfully came back through the (intentionally) porous border to rob your child and shoot her in the back, killing her as she attempted to run.

Let me go through that again: He broke our laws twice previously when crossing the border. He was arrested twice for DUI, breaking our laws again. His punishment was a plane ticket back to El Salvador. Yeah, THAT really showed him. How many other robberies/murders did he commit successfully? I doubt very much that this was his first.

In the meantime, our Washington officials do less than nothing. Oh, wait…..they ARE preventing Arizona from collecting and deporting illegal lawbreakers by pandering to illegal aliens, hoping for an expanded and ignorant voter base. And they’re making much of $600 million for 1,000 more border agents. Big whoop. The extra 1,000 wouldn’t cover the Arizona border even IF they were allowed to actually do their jobs, which is pretty doubtful in this administration.

Who is responsible for this child’s death? Well, the illegal will get the death penalty for it, but his willing accomplices are in Washington, D.C. They should be held accountable.

You need to pass the Houston account of this child’s murder on so that her death isn’t also successfully swept under the rug.

H/T Ed at GCP who knows about this outrage because he lives there.

Of course, that evil POS piece of work Janet Napolitano is busily blaming the Republicans for immigration problems. Her thought process is nonexistent interesting.

Wednesday Dance Video

Grin. You know if n2l posts a dance video, I just gotta post one too.

Best.Movie.Dance Sequence.Ever!

From the 2005 movie House of Flying Daggers, a most excellent movie, comes this acrobatic/dance sequence. Performed by the gorgeous Chinese actress Ziyi Zhang, she plays the role of a blind dancer.

This scene has always kept me enthralled, though it loses a bit of its magic on a small screen and without surround sound.

(Almost) TV-Free Day

Meemaw had it up past her eyeballs, which are pretty far above ground, with little boys watching TV inside during the day. Little boys need to be outside running and playing! Meemaw turned the TV off. “Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who is the cruelest of them all? Meemaw!” Or so you’d think. Picking up lots and lots of toys and blocks and falling over cars while I’m trying to vacuum gives Meemaw a bad attitude. I blame the housework!

At bedtime, little Dylan, who is such an engaging little scamp, asked very nicely if they could have a movie while they fell asleep. “Twansformers, Meemaw? It doesn’t hab any bad words.”

“Yes it DOES!” corrected Jacob.

“I don’t think I want to have little boys watching a movie that has BAD WORDS in it!”

“It doesn’t hab bad words, Jacob. I want to watch the movie!”

“It really does have bad words, Meemaw.”

SwampMan was chuckling in his chair. “Which bad words does it have, Jacob?”

“Papa, I’m not allowed to say those words!”

“I wiw tew you, Meemaw”, said Dylan, twinkling at me. Yes, I’m sure he would.

“Pwease, Meemaw? It doesn’t hab any bwood wike the Ombie movie.”

“ZOMBIES? You watched a Zombie movie? Zombies are waaaaay too scary for me. Meemaw doesn’t want to see ANY movies with blood.”

“It had wots of bwood and bad words. It scare me.”

“Well, we are NOT watching a zombie movie.”

“Okay, Meemaw. Twansformers doesn’t have any bwood in it and it’s not scawy.”

So the boys and the Foster Dog (named Sally by Jacob) are watching Transformers in the living room. Meemaw got outmaneuvered by a 3-year-old. Again.

Dog for sale

Whether you own a dog or not, you must appreciate the efforts of this owner to sell her dog.

Read the sales pitch below!

Dog For Sale

Free to good home.  Excellent guard dog. Owner cannot afford to feed him anymore, as there are no more drug pushers, thieves, murderers, or molesters left in the neighborhood for him to eat.  Most of them knew Jethro only by his Oriental street name, Ho Lee Schitt.

(hat-tip n2l)

Guns for sale

Here is an interesting website for your browsing pleasure …

We want to be your source for all things gun-related! Take your time to browse our website for information on guns for sale, gun reviews, gun values, ammo, parts, auctions, classifieds, accesories, training, safes, optics, and FFL information. If you like what you find, tell your friends! If you have suggestions, we want to hear them. We always want to learn more information and tips on anything to do with guns, so don’t hesitate to share!”

Guns For Sale, Link added in the right-hand side bar “The roll”

Check it out.

Just Another Day At The Office….

Pregnant daughter came home and told me about her day last night over dinner. There’s a reason SwampMan will not eat dinner at the table when daughter, a vet tech with animal control, my mom, a retired R.N., and I are talking.

A pitbull bit a person and then died. Whether or not it was assisted on its way to the doggie afterlife I do not know, as I did not ask. Regardless of how it reached the great beyond, an animal control officer picked up the smelly deceased and stuck it in the freezer at animal control, for the head had to be removed and sent to the state lab to check for rabies.

Enter daughter, who had to thaw said dead doggie and decapitate same. The operating and EU rooms were in use, so the decapitation was to take place in the private (non-public access) parking lot. The deceased was defrosted and appropriately smelly. After cutting through the skin and muscle, the head is twisted and snapped off. Daughter laboriously cut through the thick muscles around the cervical spine. Daughter twisted. Head didn’t snap off. She twisted again. No snappage. She called another vet tech, a male, to help. Still no head separation. By this time, smelly bodily fluids were waaaaay beyond the rubber gloves and were running down the arms and onto the scrubs. A third male came in to help snap the neck. No luck.

Daughter was, by this time, cussing like a sailor. It was hot outside, she was miserable and pregnant, and her other tasks were backing up. Like her mom, she doesn’t have infinite patience. She threw the stinky dog body down in the parking lot, grabbed a pooper scooper shovel, and eventually successfully encouraged the head to separate from the body after stabbing it about 10 times, cussing the dog loudly the entire time. She grabbed the head and danced around the parking lot, shaking it at the other employees, ululating at the successful decapitation.

It was only then that she noticed the employees at the auto repair shop across the street staring.

What did we used to do before air conditioing?

I just stepped outside on the patio and checked out the thermometer.

It’s 102o, in the shade.

Personally, I blame Bush.

Our electricity went out yesterday evening, just as the big CME solar storm was supposed to be hitting the earth.

Fortunately, power was restored in an hour or so.

Dang, it’s hot.

Classic Pink Floyd Hit Gets An Update

From the UK Telegraph, the story of two brothers from Iran and a remake of “Another Brick In The Wall.”

The punchline, instead of “Hey…teacher, leave those kids alone,” is now “Hey Ayatollah, Leave Those Kids Alone.” With the violence of the aftermath of the stolen 2009 Iranian elections as the backdrop, this classic song is perfectly adapted to modern times.

The former Pink Floyd founding member, Roger Waters, gave the rights to the song to the brother’s group, Blurred Vision.

As one might expect, this video is going viral.


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