Wednesday Dance Video

Grin. You know if n2l posts a dance video, I just gotta post one too.

28 Responses

  1. Okay, so where is it?

  2. While we wait for Swampies video to appear, here is a nice remix.

    There is a glitch in the matrix, embeds not showing.

  3. Hunh. The embed isn’t working.

  4. Never saw “Pretty Woman” in Hindi before.

  5. Heh. I just replaced the embed with the code at the top.

  6. But will my embed work?

  7. Heh. I LOVE Sarah Palin!

    /In a strictly sisterly-type way.

  8. Hunh! I wonder if my other embed(s) will work again….Noooooooo. Guess those racists at YouTube don’t like my videos.

  9. Danged ol’ guitar hero on South Park.

    • I hear that and suddenly I’m a teenager again with big hair and bigger bell bottoms.

  10. I was beginning to think Nuke yanked my dance video posting keys…..

  11. I pasted a bunch of embeds at my site earlier today. Guess I oughta read the instructions or something.

    /Instructions? We don’ need no steenkin’ instructions…..

    That was one of the stupid questions SwampMan was asking me when I was putting together my new vacuum. “Did you read the instructions?”

    Snort. Of COURSE not.

    *sigh* He took it away and put it together himself. It woulda worked.

    • Always read the instructions.
      I won’t even roll out in a new buggy without reading the owner’s manual.

      • Well, ummmmmm, hmmmmmm. *Oooooh, oooooooh, I know!*

        I’ll read the shifting diagram on the gear shift! Although technically I suppose that’s just looking at the picture.

      • I mean all of the owners manual.

      • Well, dang. I’ll look to see what gas it takes and how to set the radio stations. Or I’ll just put the cheap stuff in because it better learn to drink it and push buttons.

  12. WTF? A “like” line? Who gives a rat’s ass? Oh, well, maybe Nuke.

  13. Damn it. I still can’t hit the freakin’ reply button, and now I have new shit to worry about.

  14. The theme song from my younger years.

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