Twice Deported Illegal From El Salvador Robs and Murders 14-Year-Old Houston Girl

Read all about it in the Houston media. It isn’t like anybody besides bloggers will cover it nationally. Y’all really think that the MSM is going to cover this one? Nah. They’re too busy covering the government reluctantly approving the money for adding 1,000 more border agents.

Think about how you would feel if you found out this POS had been deported TWICE for DUI, then successfully came back through the (intentionally) porous border to rob your child and shoot her in the back, killing her as she attempted to run.

Let me go through that again: He broke our laws twice previously when crossing the border. He was arrested twice for DUI, breaking our laws again. His punishment was a plane ticket back to El Salvador. Yeah, THAT really showed him. How many other robberies/murders did he commit successfully? I doubt very much that this was his first.

In the meantime, our Washington officials do less than nothing. Oh, wait…..they ARE preventing Arizona from collecting and deporting illegal lawbreakers by pandering to illegal aliens, hoping for an expanded and ignorant voter base. And they’re making much of $600 million for 1,000 more border agents. Big whoop. The extra 1,000 wouldn’t cover the Arizona border even IF they were allowed to actually do their jobs, which is pretty doubtful in this administration.

Who is responsible for this child’s death? Well, the illegal will get the death penalty for it, but his willing accomplices are in Washington, D.C. They should be held accountable.

You need to pass the Houston account of this child’s murder on so that her death isn’t also successfully swept under the rug.

H/T Ed at GCP who knows about this outrage because he lives there.

Of course, that evil POS piece of work Janet Napolitano is busily blaming the Republicans for immigration problems. Her thought process is nonexistent interesting.

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  1. Robbie posted about this last night.
    Houston, the sanctuary city. Their former mayor for God only knows how long, Bill “Opie” White, is running against Rick Perry for Governor. That the polls show Opie within ten points is an outrage.

    • We have reached the tipping point. It won’t be long now.

      • This same crap keeps happening over and over throughout the country.
        What it will take for something to be done will be for some politico or high roller’s son or daughter to be raped or mangled by one of these sphincters before any action is taken.

  2. A POS illegal here stabbed his girlfriend 14 times and killed her. He pled self defense. He was found guilty. So his defense attorneys said that he didn’t get a fair trial, and a higher court said he had to have another trial. So, he was once again found guilty of murder.

    • That POS should have been found guilty of murder for each of the 14 times he murdered her.
      / 😯

      Seriously, this crap has gone on for too long. If these are the examples of “doing those jobs Americans won’t do” then I say let those jobs remain unfilled.

  3. Heh, okay, I was typing that while one small boy clung to me like a monkey and another was complaining about being hungry. Again. I’ll go back and fix it.

    I just came back from buying new shoes (wooohooooo!) and I hear the plaintive “I’m hungry” call again from small boys and SwampMan. Here I thought I was DONE cooking for the day.

  4. Well, dang. Now I have to sign in first. Cooking first, I suppose, and maybe I’ll get the grammar cleaned up before midnight. Or not.

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