Why Americans don’t trust Muslims (Part 82971)

If you think the acts reported in the following video are depraved, then you are obviously a bigot.

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  1. Being called a bigot by the butt nugget from CAIR makes me proud.

  2. You damn right I’m a bigot if that means knowing the difference between right and wrong. And a racist, too!

  3. These people are frakkin’ deranged. Let the first bastard try to have sex with my 7 year old little girl. I’m sure I don’t need to explain what would happen to the SOB.

  4. I definitely am a bigot also. Sick SOB’S

  5. My daughter is 7, and I just had the urge to clean my gun.

  6. Chucky at lfg is still riding in that shark rodeo.

    However, the real shocker is not just that Charles Johnson SUPPORTS THE MOSQUE, it’s that he’s actually trashing the 70% of the American people who disagree with him in exactly the same terms that liberals used to apply to him.

  7. Guess I am a bigot. Oh and being a Jew puts me in a special class with this crowd. Find cooper and let me take him to the roundup in the spring. Cowboys would get his undivided attention.

  8. Sick- but their apologists in this country are the same ones not offended by MANBLA or Roman Polanski… so of course the Left’s not bothered by this in the slightest, either.

    Libs are inherently selfish… “if it feels good, do it”- regardless if it wrecks a young life in 5 minutes.

    Anyone who thinks the same -like Hamas- is cool with them. Yeah, this ceremony funded indirectly with our tax dollars, thanks to BHO’s “vision”- and secret negotiations with these 7th century savages.

    Linked today at Reaganite Republican


    • preshate the linkage RR.
      I’ve added your blog to the “ReciprocatedLinks” in the right hand side bar. Thanks for coming by.

  9. Mother Hen here.
    It is illogical (not to mention offensive) to assume that all left-wingers are in favor of pedophilia. Many liberals are involved in fighting child abuse of all kinds, not to mention women’s (and girls’) rights internationally.
    Mother H. prefers to use both wings, but mostly she likes to use reason.
    Rationally Yours,
    Mother Hen

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