“I almost shot LBJ”

Just 14 hours after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, former Secret Service Agent Gerald Blaine heard footsteps approaching his post in the darkness.  He pointed his automatic weapon at the chest of the approaching figure who turned out to be the newly sworn-in President Lyndon Johnson.

Blaine’s new book The Kennedy Detail is a first-hand account of the assassination and its aftermath.
Should be a good read.


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  1. There was a joke that first appeared after LBJ got his enormous social programs passed and lingered for many years.

    Lee Harvery Oswald’s remains will be exhumed, so we can kick his ass for not shooting LBJ too.

  2. The real question is this, who was next in line?

  3. Thanks for posting about that book.
    I just ordered it at amazon.
    I also ordered “LBJ: The Mastermind of JFK’s Assasination”. This book on LBJ also implicates the CIA and others and is a wide open, blistering look at LBJ’s narcissism and bi-polar disorder that was well hidden from the public. 730 pages – paperback.

    • There was an interesting series on History channel a few years back. They interviewed a woman who claimed to be LBJ’s mistress and mother of his illegitimate son. She claimed she was at the home of some mutual friends and JFK supporters at a mansion in Dallas the night before the assassination, when LBJ arrived drunk and pissed off. He wasn’t even supposed to be in Dallas, but back in D.C. He was heard to say loudly that after the next day, those damn Kennedys wouldn’t be bothering him anymore.
      Any man that would pull the ears on a Beagle and revel in its screams of pain just ain’t right in the head. I wouldn’t put anything past that scheming drunk.

  4. I’m sure it’s the same mistress that there’s info. from in this new LBJ book.
    A ton of pages to wade thru but should be interesting.
    I can’t remember where I heard this but many years ago I heard someone say that Johnson and Lady Bird were in Europe a few months before the assasination and while there, Johnson custom ordered his own presidential china pattern….Uh oh.

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