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  1. Two terms of a republican party in govt
    halfbaked ( extreme religious fanatics
    with their *extreme religious halfbaked
    nonsense having brought the nation to
    its knees // where finding itself morally
    as financially bankrupt. In having /while
    in a trusted position of Govt Republican
    crackpot religious right wing extremists
    having blindly abandoned domestic as
    international law / then proceeded with
    illegal invasion of independent nations
    the setting up of puppet Govts/ as then
    such robbing nations of their resources.

    The result of such a corrupt Republican
    Govt having brought / death to hundreds
    of thousands / destruction /suffering that
    being beyond measure / where it having
    brought an river of blood / a river of tears.

    In knowing they were to be removed from
    Govt the Republican party embarked on a
    dire policy / that of burn as destroy against
    there own. In removing banking regulation
    left with no safeguards protection against
    banking fraud // the overnight speculators
    the fast overnight profit mentallity took hold.

    The Long term investment be replaced in
    having fast profit / in gambling a company
    would fail becoming profitable// where the
    money not being invested in the company
    but the money being used to gamble that
    the company would go under (resulting in
    millions being made unemployed) where
    hundreds of thousands of people) would
    lose all savings / in many cases also their
    homes / as extenct of the banking fraud in
    coming to light / where the fraud corruption
    so deep / so widespread that / bank after
    bank closed being guilty of appalling fraud.

    Brothers & Sisters when the Republicans
    removed from Govt they intentionally left a
    crippling situation for the Democrats / the
    damage to the nation severe / so severe it
    will take decades /putting matters to rights.

    Thus I can only advise that any Republican
    propaganda agin / Obama against/ Hillary
    be dismissed / by rights many members of
    Republican Party ( include Bush ) should
    be behind bars /spending such prison time
    for the appaing crimes in having committed.

    It will take time to undo the wrongs done as
    it will take nations time to forgive the wrongs
    as done unto them / it earning foregiveness
    may seem as a mounytain climbing / that is
    understandable. Yet it must be done / there
    must be opening of hearts an better attitude
    toward others. In having an 24/7 media that
    only preaching propaganda of malice / hate
    but resulting in more deaths/ in much more
    suffering /destruction /spreading worldwide
    thus there must be the timeout for reflection
    there must be more use of the human brain
    in which unites humanity not that in dividing.

  2. What was he trying to say? I couldn’t make it past the first “half baked” sentence.

    • iseedubya. / Don’t tire the one working brain cell in
      having left “half baked* is a big word in learning. It
      being better if you get a few Republicans together
      betwixt all per’aps room for a /// destructive debate.

  3. Glad the way things are shaping up.
    Of course there are some disappointments. I was sure hoping Bwawney Fwank, one of the architects of the sub-prime mortgage collapse, would be beaten.
    Glad to see the Øbummer boy toy and Soros lackey Perriello get his flat ass handed to him.

    • no2liberals / It thourgh abandoment of domestic
      international law people’s of the USA have been stripped of rights. The average Joe the Plumber
      american has as much freedom as the hamster
      caged where it but runs “around” its ferris wheel.

      A 24/7 media spins out endless propaganda the
      american people’s the victims of such from birth
      a endless ongoing brainwashing / which having
      produced millions whom are totally incapable of independent thought. The poor souls now being
      totally dependent on Govt in their being told what
      to think or believe / which party to giving their vote.

      An election for americans being but another trip
      where in a mass propaganda campaign all but
      once more be taken on a trip unto the land of oz.

      People are supposed to thrive under freedom democracy // what americans have is illusion
      an illusion of freedom a illusion of democracy
      a hollywood mix in portraying reasoned reality
      thus the fiction making the illusion believable.

  4. iseedubuya / in shooting /the messenger
    makes no change to reality of the situation.

  5. Complete rubbish uttered by William Wallace…I pick the newstations that I watch and my own illusions to believe…I’m the definition of independent thought. Glad to see individualism thrive in this election and liberal emotional blabberers whine a little… though I’m not from this country, it’s the America that I’ve gotten to love recently.

    • Peter Van Dufoosio / I presume you having fathered No2liberals & Iseedubya. One in having left one tired brain cell. Other son the light in having long gone out.

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