Election Night Open Thread

Results in Mississippi……. PLUS 2

MS 01 — Nunnelee R defeats Childers (i)
MS 02 — Thompson D (i) defeats Marcy
MS 03 — Harper R (i) defeats Gill
MS 04 — Palazzo R leading Taylor (i) 86% reporting

10 Responses

  1. Toomey still trails in PA

    /trying hard to be disappointed

  2. Don’t know if it can be called a Teanami yet, have to wait for 2012 for that, but this is sure an earth mover.

  3. TeaQUAKE!

    • Fading, still watching some returns. Don’t think I will be able to see what happens with Alaska.
      For some Jerry Lee’s “Whole Lotta Shakin'” is playing in my head.

  4. Huckabee had the best description.
    He likened the result of the election to the New Madrid quake, where the Mississippi river reversed course.
    Outstanding analogy.

  5. Charlie Crist, that pansy-assed piece of slime, ran lots and lots of ads begging Floridians to vote for him so that the representative of the right wing extremist Tea Partiers and Sarah Palin would lose. I was actually surprised by how much Marco won by.

    I don’t think Charlie gets it that people voted for JEB’s vice governor, not Charlie, in the last governor’s election. Instead of leading the state as a Republican, he turned into a squishy Dem wannabe and Obama asskisser. He tried to outgreen the greenies.

    Another career politician that just doesn’t get it. Good thing the wife’s got money. Whether she’ll want to continue to keep a failed politician around is something else.

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