Rubio’s Victory Speech A Real Stemwinder

I began to learn a little about Marco Rubio during the 2008 Florida Primary, when as an influential state legislator, Rubio endorsed Mike Huckabee for President. The more I got to know about Rubio, the more impressed I became.

I also recall a good interview of Rubio by K-Lo over at NRO, shortly before Rick Santelli’s famous rant on CNBC. That rant gave rise to the tea party movement.

Maybe Rubio was just the right guy at the right time. But, not long after that, the groundswell for a Marco Rubio candidacy to oppose the “inevitable” nomination of Charlie Crist began to grow.

Last night’s victory speech for Senator-elect Rubio was outstanding. It is a real pleasure to present it to you.

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6 Responses

  1. Yep. He’s good.

  2. Nuke, the embed is disabled. Requires a double click or maybe one of those famous el nuko downloads.
    I don’t remember Rubio endorsing Huck. Rubio first appeared on my radar with this fantastic farewell speech to the Florida legislature.
    I had never heard of him before this video and have been following his activities since.
    He’s the real deal and I sure am proud of our friends in Florida for sending him to the Senate.

  3. Yeah, the guy who recorded this one wanted all the hits for himself.

    The good folks of Florida have done themselves proud.

  4. Wow, what guy. He is definitely a rising star. I also saw a speech by Allen West – incredible. I have to agree with no2libs we have a lot of bright, capable new conservatives coming up. Thank God.


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