Thanksgiving And Football-Like Peas And Carrots

With our national day of thanks tomorrow, I take pause to reflect on all that I have to be thankful for, as well as many wonderful memories of Thanksgiving day in the past.

We all think of family and food on this day, rightfully so.
Many of us also think of great football games.

While I’m no longer a fan of the morally bankrupt NFL, I won’t begrudge that others favor the NFL, while I am a college and high school football fan.
The traditional NFL games on Thanksgiving with Dallas and Detroit are games they host that many look forward to, while some revile these two teams holding that tradition.

The football games on Thanksgiving I enjoy are the college rivalry games. While few now are actually played on Thanksgiving day, but on the following Friday or Saturday, growing up with the Texas-Texas A&M, Alabama-Auburn and USC-Notre Dame rivalries, they always made for exciting games, irrespective of the records the teams had coming into the game.

This year will be no different, the enthusiasm and excitement will be palpable.
I say palpable for many reasons.

For one, the Alabama-Auburn game has National Championship implications. Auburn is currently ranked #2 in the BCS rankings and has the leading contender for the Heisman Trophy as its quarterback. I for one am hoping for a great game, but with Alabama being victorious for a couple of reasons.
First, I would like to see the TCU Horned Frogs in the BCS championship game.
Secondly, Auburn is in so much trouble over recruiting violations they face sanctions so serious, they could not only be stripped of all honors received this year, they could face expulsion from the Southeast Conference.
From the blog Crimson And Cream Machine, a post taken from an LSU forum Tiger Droppings:
Auburn Is In It Deep!

Again, this thing now goes way beyond PFP (pay for play)schemes, and it appears the FED’s goal is to build the ultimate case against Bobby Lowder. Here is what is being said about Lowder’s tie in to all of this.

This goes way beyond Cam. They say the FBI, while monitoring the Bingo mess in Montgomery and also investigating the misappropriation of TARP funds by Colonial Bank, uncovered many, many things. Such things include guaranteed winning slot machines for AU players at Milt’s (Colonial Board member, AU Booster) Casino, unmarked ATM cards issued to AU players from Colonial Bank (Bobby Lowder-AU Board Member and Booster; Pat Dye-Colonial Board member, AU employee and Booster), forgiven loans to families, friends, donors, etc.

If true, big time jail time, loss of SACS(Southern Association of Colleges and Schools) accreditation which means expulsion from the SEC, huge financial implications for AU, removal of Dye’s name from the field and so on.


Coach Chiz was hired December 13th, 2008. Auburn’s Class consisted of 28 players being signed, ranked 25th in the Country (LSU #1, Bama #2, Fla. #5, UGA #6, USCe #12, UTenn, #15, ARKY. #20, Ole Miss #22, Miss. St. #23). AU’s top rated player that year was DeAngelo Benton, a highly sought after, but academically troubling player from La. that had originally committed to LSU. Production thus far in his career is just 7 receptions for only 103 yards.

The 2010 Class, built primarily on the efforts of Trooper Taylor (as per AU Football Media Propaganda), miraculously lands the #1 players from Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, as well as the #1 JUCO signee in Cam Newton. Why the turnaround, when their previous season only netted a 7-5 regular season record (3-5 SEC), along with an overtime win against Northwestern on New Years Day.

Enter CamGate, Lowder & Co., and Trooper Taylor.

Knock AU out of contention for the national title so another deserving school won’t be deprived of the opportunity due to malfeasance.

There are other rivalry games with conference championship and bowl game implications, such as OU-Oklahoma State and Texas-Texas A&M. In the latter, A&M is not in contention for the Big 12 conference championship, but their game with Texas is huge for bragging rights, recruiting and for dashing the last hope for Texas to go to a bowl game.

It has been an epic failure of a season for Texas, and the word palpable applies here.
Their season turned in September when they were molested by UCLA on their home field.
Now Texas has to be concerned with a Texas A&M defensive player that believes he is a TSA agent.

Let’s keep it clean out there, boys!
We want to see some great football to go with our great food.

17 Responses

  1. Nice.

    Thanksgiving and football. MSU travels to Ole Miss for their annual battle for the Golden Egg, aka The Egg Bowl. Go Dawgs!

    I don’t know if AU is guilty. But if they are, throw the dang book at them!

    TCU and BSU both are deserving teams. If AU stumbles in the Iron Bowl, but wins the SECCG, I still think the BCS takes AU over either of them.

  2. It don’t look good for AU.
    The FBI listening in on conversations about PFP is damning, if they give it to the NCAA.
    What would really pissmeoff is if AU won it all and Newton won the Heisman, then years later the NCAA strips it all away. Check the time line of events at Tiger Droppings. Also there is a recorded phone call from Cam telling a friend he was sorry he wasn’t going to State, but his dad said the money was too good.
    Who do the other teams go talk to, to be made whole?
    I think LSU would jump over AU if they lose to Bama. As for a one loss team jumping TCU or Boise we will have to see. I sure hope not.

    Yep, lots of grudge matches around Thanksgiving. This would cap off an excellent rebound season for MSU to beat the Rebs.

  3. Excellent!
    I agree that TCU and BSU should have a shot at the national championship.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  4. Man oh man!
    What a great weekend of football.
    I watched so many and parts of many others, I’m bleary eyed.
    Just finished watching OU outlast OSU and loved it. OU will leap past OSU in the BCS, they were already 4 places above TAMU, so it will be OU vs Nebraska in the Big 12 championship.
    How fitting. Two old conference rivals playing for all the marbles for the last time in the same conference.

    Last night I stayed up until nearly 1a.m. CST watching Nevada upset Boise. It was an absolutely amazing game.
    Sure wish Bama could have beat AU. Now it is up to South Carolina to make things right, and let a deserving team go to the BCS championship.
    Lots of 6-6 teams this year, and lots of teams that are traditional powers that had down years.
    As for teams heading in the right direction, congrats go to the MSU Dawgs for having such a big turnaround year, capping it off with winning the Egg Bowl.

  5. Even Boone Pickens himself couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

    He stood on the walkway above the east end zone during the final minutes of the game, and as Hanna broke into the open, sprinted down the field and crossed the goal line, Pickens turned and headed toward the exit. He was gone before the extra-point attempt.

    Whether mega-booster or athletic director or every man Cowboy fan, there is no solace today.

    This one hurt.


    Hope it hurts long time.

  6. Just can’t get enough of this vid.


    A very exciting game!! That should not surprise anybody. The history of the Nebraska and Oklahoma rivalry has been very rich for many years.
    In the 2nd quarter when Nebraska tipped the ball and intercepted it and it was being run back, that was the right call when the Nebraska player was down by contact before the ball came out. As it was proven later, you can’t count out the quick strike potential of Oklahoma. Nebraska’s turnovers let the Sooners get back in the game before half.
    The Sooners played awesome defense with several turnovers.
    The Big Ten will be getting another powerhouse team.
    Good luck to both teams!!

      Two great defenses going after each others offense. The NU offense just wasn’t as potent and turned the ball over too many times.
      As good as OU’s freshman class was this year, and OU is still a very young team, you should see the kids that have already committed to OU. Some real game changers and maybe more will switch, after Mack Brown lost control of his Texas program this year.
      Here are some videos:
      Trey Metoyer.

      Brandon Carter.

      Brandon Williams.

      Marquis Anderson.

      The QB Jones will be a Junior, as will Ryan Broyles(wr) if he comes back.

      OU has to be considered the front runner for the Big 12 champs next year, and highly ranked nationally.

      • How can OU be Big 12 champs with only 10 teams?
        OSU will be their only challenge that I can see next year.
        Picking on you N2L.

      • There will always be a conference champ, or co-champ or tri-champ, and there will be 11 teams in the conference next year. NU doesn’t leave until after next season, only CU leaves after this season.
        There won’t be a conference championship game.

        Two guys were sitting at a bar, one went to OSU and the other to UT. The UT guy asked what OSU stands for, and he answered Oklahoma Stomps Us.
        The OSU guy then asked what UT meant, and he said Us Too.

  8. Excuse me sir: NU goes to Big Ten next year.

  9. OU highlights from the Big 12 champeenship.

  10. This is the OU intro video played on the giant screen at Jerry’s World last night.

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