Grouchy Conservative Pundits is (Temporarily) Down



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There appears to have been another cracking of our host, there were some malware directories added both to our shared server IP and also within our own GCP directory structure.  Your super-elite-delta-force-recon admins are now endeavoring to persevere.  We’re making backups and looking through our directory contents trying to make sure there’s nothing malicious remaining, before throwing the doors open for business as usual.

Please stand by.

Do not despair, GCPers. Mike C and Rayra are busily working to find a solution. In the meantime, please feel free to check in at Bob’s Bites, Nuke’s, A1A South, Conservative Talk, Blogmocracy, or any of the blogs run by people that also comment at GCP (check the links on the side.)

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  1. Sigh…thanks for the backup! It’s the pits and withdrawal is just round the corner!

  2. Swampy
    Left a comment at A1A asking about this.
    Disregard it.

    • Sorry I didn’t make the announcement earlier, VIA. I worked late, then had to come home and feed. Just left the announcement at Nuke’s, and danged if I didn’t press the publish on my own site!

  3. The boys aren’t expecting any progress til tomorrow.

  4. Robert
    Any ideas as to cause?

  5. Ahhhh….
    Still no joy in Muddville

    I hadn’t realized how much I would be missing the old place.

    And no, I’m not complaining, I know they are doing everything they can.
    Good luck guys!

  6. Got some malware on the site which caused an auto-shutdown. I’ll be trying to work on it today, but I have no idea how long it will take to resolve. The hosting company is not known for lightening-quick tech support. Please tell anybody you run into that it was the entire GCP account that was suspended, not their personal account.

  7. PS – I even got an e-mail from “Gordon” asking what happened. Heh.

    • How’s the old Nodrog doing these days?

      Hate to say that sometimes I miss that old fart.

  8. Well, Gordon actually started commenting on Dennis the Peasant last month, but since Dennis is unfortunately stopping the site, that didn’t last long. So far as I know, Gordon is doing fine.

    I never minded him that much, personally.

  9. Heh. I didn’t mind him that much, either.

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