And now, back to our regularly scheduled bowl game

Sugar Bowl on espn.


Life is good

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  1. GO BUCKEYES!!!!

  2. Bucks are lookin mighty good.

  3. Yes, after New Years day nightmare maybe Big Ten can finish strong. SEC has been ripping everybody apart. I don’t like Auburn so I hope Oregon can rip them up.

  4. I don’t really care about conferences, as there are teams I loathe and OSU is on that list, along with UT, ND and USC.
    Hoping the Hogs could punish OSU since the NCAA wouldn’t, but they don’t look focused tonight.

  5. Hunh.
    Maybe the Hogs can pull this one out.
    A come from behind win over those smug poisonous nuts would be priceless.

    • Yes, a win. OSU can be a little smug but USC and Miami take the main prize plus Auburn’s coach!!!

      GO OREGON!!!!

      • A little smug?
        That “THE” bullshit at the start of OSU isn’t out of humility or modesty.
        USC is right behind them, but MIami has dropped off the radar. They had a hell of a time finding a ball coach.
        For the nuttiest, kool-aid drinking smugness in this part of the country, no one compares to UT.
        Take this recent post from one of the whorn fans favorite blogs. They actually believe they are that important and expose their paranoia, when in fact their problems are internal, not external.

    • i figured when the punt was blocked that OSU was snake-bit.

      • That interception by Mallett was ridiculous.
        The many dropped passes by his receivers all night long was even more ridiculous.
        Hogs weren’t focused and definitely weren’t ready for prime time.

  6. I’m still enjoying the highlights from New Year’s night.

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