We Got Ourselves A Champeenship Tonight

I have to admit, I am less than enthusiastic about tonight’s BCS championship between Auburn and Oregon.

I got no dog in this fight, so I can be objective.

I believe Auburn will win, based on the performance of the SEC in previous BCS championships. Then, in about five years, the NCAA will strip Auburn of the title and Cam Newton will have to surrender the Heisman Trophy.

As for Oregon, there isn’t much I like about them, the extreme liberalism of the area they are from, the horrid, vomit inducing yellow and green colors they use in their uniforms, or the thuggish behavior some of their players have exhibited in the past.

Also, it’s a good thing the PAC 10 won’t be providing the officials tonight, or Auburn would be in for a very long night.

So chose your poison, fire up the tube and watch the last game of the 2010-11 season.

As far as I know, this is the first ever palindrome date for a BCS Championship, (1-10-2011/1102-01-1).
That alone should insure a modicum of interest.

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  1. Well I don’t like Auburn so I got to go the Ducks way!!

  2. ok so I had to google palindrome

    Didn’t think sarah was a football fan, so I was confused. 😳


  3. To each his own. Can’t stand Chizik!!

  4. Nice move, Tostitos!

  5. That was one bouncy little running back for Auburn.

  6. He was coach of ISU Cyclones for a couple of years in between.
    Crap, can’t win ’em all.
    Always next year.

    • Yep, there is always next season…BOOMER SOONER!

      • speakingof which, maybe it’s time we become a nuttin-but-college-sports blog.

        Politics is getting too predictable. Plus, too many other blogs saying the same shite.

      • Nuke, as soon as you say that, Swampie goes and posts a Bollywood video. ROFL!
        There is lots of folks doing sports only, too.
        I like the diversity, myself and a good rant on politics is often refreshing. I haven’t written much lately, though I have a ton of links on topics I meant to write about, but time is so much more a factor these days than it used to be.
        BTW, did you see that video of the folks in Jackson running from the ice spears falling off the tower?
        Saw it over at liveleak.

  7. I have to agree with N2L. The diversity is what makes this a very interesting site along with the quality of the contributors and fans.
    I might have to get into the 21st century and get a laptop to stay more connected. It’s nice to have cyber-friends that share a lot of the same views as I do.

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