It’s cold outside, II

I don’t mind winter so much. It’s just the dang cold weather I can’t stand.

But, looking on the bright side of things, each day of winter brings us another day closer to … SPRING FOOTBALL!

And, as Brad Locke reminds us, it’s just 6 weeks away

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  1. I don’t mind the cold so much, as long as it is sunny.
    Can’t stand the snow, sleet or ice.

    As for football spring practice, yep, looking forward to it.
    OU will have their Crimson and Cream game on 16 Apr.

    OU will have 29 players back that started at least one game last season. Fifteen of those are on offense, including consensus All-American Ryan Broyles, the school’s all-time leading receiver.

    Plus, one of their five star and one of their four star commits have already enrolled for the spring semester and will be able to participate in the spring drills, giving them a chance to make big contributions as freshmen next fall.

    Also, the obnoxious and pompous UT whorns are at their shenanigans again and have signed a deal with ESPN for an all Whorns channel.
    OU fans are fed up with the whorns bullshit and if the SEC were to ask OU to join right now, I think they would want to.
    It’s time for OU to give Texas the proverbial middle finger.

    • That would be an outstanding move for OU and for the SEC.

      • They probably would have last year, but the SEC didn’t want their little brother and the powers that be said if OU goes OSU must go too.
        The whorns believe they are the big dog just because they yap so much. If they get away with this there is no telling what else they will try.

  2. For some reason (recruiting, probably), the sec wanted aggie instead of osu.

    • They wanted OU and TAMU, but not the pokes.
      TAMU would have given the SEC its first Texas team.
      The pokes just aren’t that big of a draw.
      OU would have put the SEC over the top as the undisputed best conference in the country. They are what kept the Big 12 competitive, with four national championship appearances in the 2000-2010 decade, along with winning 7 Big 12 titles in the same decade. The whorns had 2.
      Texas has a decent product, but the deference they are given is far beyond what they deserve based on historical performances.
      OU is tied with two other teams for second place(7) in all time national championships behind ND(9).
      Texas has 4.

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