The Best Camo Evah…EVAH!

It makes you invisible…almost.

6 Responses

  1. Stealth. heh.

  2. Guess he didn’t see the camera or the cameraman…just sitting there watching…and listening.

  3. no2liberals….I don’t have Robbie’s email.
    His site Urban Grounds only says :
    “This account has been suspended.” on a blank white page when you go to his blog link.

    I’m sure he knows…..but maybe you have his email.
    I don’t.
    I just want to know what happened. I hope it’s just a glitch !

    • I emailed him last night, but haven’t heard back.
      If I were a betting man I would bet it is the Azerbaijan Defacers again.

      • I see he’s back on…..I didn’t get online till just now.
        I’d started thinking the left-tards were up to no good….

      • Got an email from Robbie today, it appears to be the same butt nuggets as before, the Azerbaijan Defacers. They have been bombarding him with comments overtaxing the server and effecting others on the same server.
        He thought he had an adequate work around, but they kept up the attack.
        He is planning to move to another hosting service on Friday and hopefully stop this particular type of attack.

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