Trickeration Winner 2010

Trickeration, a significant word in football lingo.

For some, it just isn’t pure football, for others, it is the essence of football. Fooling your opponent is a potent weapon, it gets in their heads, makes them cautious and paranoid, while raising the spirits of the team that pulled off the trick play.

Each football season there are numerous examples of trickeration, each instance providing much humor to those who see it, with the exception of the ones who got their “heads cut.”

Having reviewed numerous examples of trickeration for the 2010 season, I have decided it has come down to two, with one being the clear winner.

The first is from a middle school game in Corpus Christi, Texas. The QB complains that the officials didn’t mark the penalty correctly, that it should be five yards further up field. He has the center hand him the ball as he marches off the additional five yards and….

Very well played!
However, this was middle school where many of the kids are easily fooled, not being well versed in the rules.

Therefore, I believe the following example of trickeration to be the best of 2010. It is in the Texas 5A Div 1 state championship game and the team that gets its “head cut” is the #1 high school team in the nation and the defending state champion. An experienced and quality team that shouldn’t be fooled by any team, certainly not by an upstart program from Pearland, Tx., but…

…they were.

Pearland won the championship game by 4 points.

What about you?
Did you see any good trickeration this past season?


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