Meanwhile in Egypt

Interesting photograph from Cairo (h/t nuke87)…Christians protecting Muslims during prayers.

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  1. Exactly how do we know those are Christians?
    I would think that would be the last place known Christians would want to be.

  2. From what I had heard, the Coptic Christians see this as repaying the Muslims for the protection that they offered them after they bombing of a Christian service.

    • With only a photo to go by and not a story, my question remains. How do we know they are Christians?
      If indeed they are and provided a cordon for muslims to pray, I have another question. Protect them what, secularists? The muslim brotherhood would never attack them, the military wouldn’t, the 10% of the population of Egypt, the Christians wouldn’t.
      It just doesn’t make sense, advertising they are Christians in the midst of a mass rioting muslims while they pray. Having infidels surrounding them while they are headbanging to Satan’s chew toy, Ol’Moh?
      If true, it just goes to show there are all types of Christians.
      I’m a Christian and all I see with all those headbangers gathered in one spot like that, is a target rich environment.

  3. […] No One of Any Import has a great breakdown of the ObamaCare ruling. It is very much worth a look.At Nuke’s place is a picture of Coptic Christians providing cover for Muslim prayers. Randy has the latest on Obama’s approval numbers. Republican Redefined has some Reagan […]

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