A Quick Wrap-Up Of Øbummer’s Egypt Policy

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  1. says it all !!!:)

  2. I watched the son of the late great Bud Wilkerson give an inspirational speech this afternoon in Nola.

    It was a great spech. He’s a pretty impressive fellow in his on right.

  3. It is Wilkinson, and that would be Bud’s youngest son, Jay.
    Bud was an amazing man, here is his Wiki page.
    Jay has done good for himself and is highly accomplished, and he looks just like his daddy.

    How is NOLA doing these day? Were you inandout or did you spend the night?

  4. 2 days, one night.

    Jay gave the “Letters from Bud” speech, and related it to our business.

    Nola is back to normal in the Quarter,


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