Got potassium iodide?

Amazon has some in stock.

Order while you can.

I expect the price to go up as the supplies dwindle.

Here is a link

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  1. I refuse flu shots, so worrying about my thyroid from Japanese radiation is way down the list.
    Small red import trucks with young drivers are what I fear most.

  2. Oooooh, iodine! Think I’ll replenish my iodine level with a nice shrimp dinner. Yum!

  3. I don’t think that the radiation will get to us.

  4. I think Nuke musta bought up a bunch of potassium iodide tablets and is sellin’ ’em on Ebay.

    • He must be up to sumpin’, that boy just don’t talk as much as he u’sta.

      • I can hear the “man in black” in the background.
        It has been a very long time since a major release of energy on the cascadia, the san adreas or even further up the NW to Alaska.
        Not a question of if, either.
        The moon is very close to the earth right now. Many believe it is exerting a strong pull on the plates.

  5. Dang. Must be in sync or sumpin’. I’ve been thinking Johnny Cash all day and finally posted a couple videos before sleep!

  6. I was thinking of sumpin’ more zombie-ish

  7. I’ve read the same thing about the full moon today.
    Closer to Earth than it’s been in 18 years during a full moon. Officially it’s full today at 1:11 pm Central time.
    This is where I saw the info.:

    I wonder how many people are going to end up with health issues because they didn’t read the warnings about taking Potassium iodide ? I mean the people who have freaked out, bought it, and started taking it at random.
    I haven’t bought any and it doesn’t look like I’ll need to, especially in TX.
    Some of these people sound like Chicken Little.

  8. According to NASA, “this full moon shouldn’t trigger any natural disasters” in response to the internet rumors otherwise.

    But one thing IS certain. The ER’s will be busier than normal. They always are on full moon days and nights.( A friend of ours is a semi-retired ER nurse of over 20 years.)

  9. Here’s a funny ER story from my friend. One night these 2 brothers, in their 40’s, came in with 1st and 2nd degree burns. Turns out they had left the bar intoxicated and while trying to drive off, discovered their car wouldn’t move.
    It wasn’t a smooth parking lot. They got out and looked underneath the car to see what it was hanging up on but it was too dark to see.
    They stated that They Could Smell Gasoline Leaking from somewhere but proceeded to use a cigarette lighter to see what the problem was.
    Heh heh……you know the rest.
    My friend said what was even funnier was their MOM showed up and you could hear her chewing them both out through the entire ER dept..

  10. Potassium Iodide Not a Cure-All for Radiation

    iodine only protects the thyroid, and only against one threat. The CDC has said that it only protects the thyroid gland, and only against radioactive iodine, so they warn it is not a cure-all for radiation.

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  12. I’m with SB Smith…I believe there will be more health issues from unwarranted potassium iodide usage than from Japan’s nuclear plants.

  13. Sure, but being so far from the Gulf the places that actually have fresh seafood are really expensive.
    Unlike the Houston area, where you will see these little seafood dives along the Gulf inlets with a shrimp boat parked outside the back door.

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