Tax Day TEA Party Speakers Inspire Crowds(Mostly)

Speaking at the New Hampshire Tax Day TEA Party event, Herman Cain continues to reveal why he is a leading conservative candidate for President in 2012.

No embed code is available for this video, as of yet, but I encourage you to click on this link to view it.

The introductory speaker for Sarah Palin today was Andrew Breitbart. In his short fiery speech, he fired up the crowd by attacking the union thugs and their leaders by telling them to “GO TO HELL.”

Perhaps the most critically acclaimed speech for TEA Party patriots was Super Sarah Palin’s at the Wisconsin capitol building. An estimated crowd of 6,500 on a cold and snowy day, heard her best catch phrase which was directed to the GOP establishment to “fight like a girl.” Not only did she send the right message to the GOP establishment, she explained clearly that the GOP isn’t fighting for us at all.

Then there was the odd appearance of Donald Trump at the Boca Raton TEA Party event. It is unclear to me when Trump decided he needed to court the TEA Party, he being the same Donald Trump that said President Bush should have been impeached for going to war in Iraq, that supports single payer health care and just switched from the Democratic Party to the GOP in 2009. What videos of his speech today that are available are only snippets, so here is a link to much of what he said at the Sun Sentinel. For my part, it seemed very conceited and self-promoting with no mentions of the greatness of our nation or of the foundation for our republic, the constitution.

Mark Levin rips Trump to shreds.

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