Happy Easter!

Jesus died for our sins, a fact that too often we selfishly accept without a thought.

Easter is the celebration of Christ’s resurrection, a powerful notice to Christians that he is the Son of God.

My internet friend Jim Baxter sent me a wonderful email a few days ago. It was about the fact that God has no name.

Even when Moses, directed by God, asked of Him, “Who shall I say sent me?” He replied, “Just say I Am hath sent me.”

Jim also included this quote:

“In the name above all names, Jesus.” Phil 2:9

God was not of this Earth as himself, but as Jesus; he is this earth, he is us and he is the universe.

From St. Anselm’s Proslogium CHAPTER XXII:

He alone is what he is and who he is. –All things need God for their being and their well-being.

THEREFORE, you alone, O Lord, are what you are; and you are he who you are. For, what is one thing in the whole and another in the parts, and in which there is any mutable element, is not altogether what it is. And what begins from non-existence, and can be conceived not to exist, and unless it subsists through something else, returns to non-existence; and what has a past existence, which is no longer, or a future existence, which is not yet, –this does not properly and absolutely exist.

But you are what you are, because, whatever you are at any time, or in any way, you are as a whole and forever. And you are he who you are, properly and simply; for you have neither a past existence nor a future, but only a present existence; nor can you be conceived as at any time non-existent. But you are life, and light, and wisdom, and blessedness, and many goods of this nature. And yet you are only one supreme good; you are all-sufficient to yourself, and need none; and you are he whom all things need for their existence and wellbeing.

I know from a personal God Moment, that he is real, it isn’t a question of belief or faith for me. I have felt his love and omnipotence, and its irresistible force. It was out of love that he gave us existence and gave us Jesus, so we could know his love for us. All one needs to do is acknowledge what Jesus means to us, even if one ignores all the wondrous things about us, to dwell in his love forever.

God has given us everything and he lets us know in so many ways.

That video is just an example of the wonders of God’s universe and all that is in it. It is the beauty of God’s math made simple.

May you all have a Blessed Easter Sunday and Praise God for this day.

7 Responses

  1. great post amigo.

    He is risen,

    Happy Easter

  2. St. Anselm, being one of those created beings, in thinking he has perceived the mystery of creation sufficiently to be able to say of us, “…does not properly and absolutely exist.”, errs, for that flies in the face of God’s promise of “forever”…….I think. : )

    Howsomever, He is risen indeed! Glad you believe, sir. : )

    • St. Anselm’s task was to prove the existence of God. Through his extensive writings, and defense of them, he finally concluded God was:

      That than which nothing greater can be thought.

      That expressed thought was made one thousand years ago and still is as beautiful today.
      Have a Blessed Easter!

  3. Awesome as always my friend.
    Yes, he has risen for all of us.
    Happy Easter to all.

  4. Happy Easter, y’all.

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