OBL – Dead

“Four helicopters swooped in to the compound and the Navy Seals fought a close quarters gunbattle. They ordered bin Laden to surrender, but the 54-year-old who had vowed he would not be caught alive, refused.

Sources said standard procedure in a case like this would be for the Navy Seals to “double tap” bin Laden, shooting him twice in the head to make sure he was dead. His son, Khalid, was also killed in the raid.

At the conclusion of the firefight, bin Laden’s body was quickly taken away by U.S. forces for a DNA test to confirm his identity.

Bin Laden’s DNA was matched with that of one of his sisters who died in Boston and whose brain was kept by the United States. Then he was quickly buried at sea. “

ABC News

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  1. Too bad…so sad.

    He’s feeding those poor little fishes now.
    So, now with him put down, who is on first?

  2. DNA matched with that of his dead half sister wouldn’t have “proved” it was Osama bin Laden, just a male in the family line.

    • Yeah, it all seems to convenient. However, I doubt the SEAL’s and other personnel involved would stand for a lie like this to taint their honorable service.
      I find this story more believable than B. Hussein’s birth certificate.

      • That’s what’s bothering me, N2L. That bastard has lied his ass off every time that I can recall him being in front of a camera, and I’m supposed to start believing him now? Don’t get me wrong, Nothing makes me happier than the idea that OBL is sleepin’ wit’ da fishes, but I really can’t take Obama’s word for it.

        If there was some mistake made and some inoffensive uncle or cousin or brother were slain, I think the SEALS ordered to do the deed would be thrown under the bus bus faster than they could say “but we were ordered to go on the mission”!

      • I don’t trust him at all. I do, however, trust men of honor such as Spec Warriors. They would never lie for this Poseur In Chief, or any one else.
        It is all anti-climactic for me, I had thought he was dead for many years.
        This won’t distract me, or many others in this country. Unless gasoline/diesel prices fall by about a $1.50 a gallon pretty soon, his time in office is about 21 more months.
        With OBL gone, one way or another, terrorism will not magically end. All his death means to me is a degree of closure for the family and friends that OBL was responsible for murdering, and justice is served.
        Have you seen the video of the assault and take down of OBL?

      • Well, OBL was just a figurehead now, I agree. The main players are out in the field. It ain’t over for a long time, but I get the feelin’ the TBiC (titty baby in chief) thinks so.

        I do trust our SMs a damn sight further than Obama. You know and I know, though, that the further up the chain of command you go, the deeper the political bullshit gets. There are SMs being prosecuted and in jail for no good reason.

      • Yeah, I know.
        Memo to SEALS, never give a terrorist a fat lip, just shoot his skinny ass.

  3. DNA testing, hmm, I wonder what swine line they used, duroc, hampshire or a piece of shit from one of many lines?

  4. Time goes slowly, but in the end justice always, always prevails! Obama got a gift from Bush that he doesn’t deserve!

  5. Show us the photos or STFU.

  6. A suitable burial would have been throwing him into an arena in which packs of wild dogs and wild hogs had been starved, then letting them fight it out over the remains, winner eats all.

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