Home defense under $400

Any of y’all have experience with this carbine? I’m thinking about getting me one.

Truth About Guns has a review of the .40 version. Here’s the money line:

The Kel-Tec Sub2K-40 is the perfect “companion” gun for .40-caliber Glocks, Beretta model 96, Sig-Sauer P226 and Smith & Wesson model 4006 40-cal pistols (whose mags match-up with the Kel-tec carbine). Just about everyone who shoots this handy little carbine for the first time loves it. Why wouldn’t they? It’s fun to shoot! Recoil is minimal while that 16.1-inch barrel assures phenomenal accuracy.

The gun’s light weight and fold-in-half portability make this carbine unique amongst its peer group. There’s nothing else like it on the market that can do the same things at the same affordable price. At $350-to-$375 retail with a lifetime warranty (to the original owner), you really can’t go wrong.

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  1. Two things you should consider, you can’t fire it in the folded state it is in, also it is in a pistol caliber.
    I don’t know what type of weapon collection you have or if this fits a particular need, or just a want.
    If you don’t have a carbine, I would recommend investing in one that actually fires a rifle cartridge, like an AR-15 variant. They will cost more than this, but are much more lethal and versatile.
    Instead of a carbine chambered for a pistol round, why not get a pistol chambered in a rifle round?
    Or you could just get a good quality carbine that will stand up to serious abuse, like the OlyArms carbine I have.
    I could see the Kel-Tec as a survival type weapon, one you could throw in a bag or backpack. As for the Glock 22 mags, you should check the prices on those things.

  2. wayyy-uull…..there is a whole lot more of an itch that needs scratching sort of thang going on here than some kind of actual particular need to fill.

    Price is attractive, low recoil, simple to operate.

    I can get 2 or 3 of them for what I might spend on an AR.

    • The price is attractive.
      For me there is no appeal. I don’t have any weapons chambered in .40S&W, as I will always prefer the .45ACP round. I certainly don’t have any Glock’s and NEVER will, too many problems. The only carbine that interests me is chambered in .45ACP, but it’s way pricier than my AR, it’s this’un, now in a civilian version.

  3. My two favorite – preferred hand gun rounds are, without question, the .357 and 40 S&W. While other calibers exist and to the preference of others, the ballistics on the .357 and 40 S&W take a back seat to no one, period.

    That said, a carbine makes enormous sense in terms of one shared caliber – in this readily available case, the 40 S&W, ease of operation, etc. I have had a Sub2K for several months now and it’s overall operation, reliability and accuracy is spot on. What else is there to say………? Fine, go ahead and have some HP carbine or other such delivery platform in your inventory, something with what, to satisfy the Red Dawn crowd………, something in the 2,800 ft/s, 2600+ ft-lbf range? That will work, too. But not too close, certainly no less that 400 meters if that’s alright.

    Kel-Tec, as well as several other mfgrs. handgun round carbines ARE a great deal better than most realize and with the way our once great nation is headed, being destroyed before our eyes, it would be a good thing to have something like this readily available. Perhaps some M18 claymores, too.

    • The weapon used to pop OBL(according to several knowledgeable blogs) was an HK416 chambered in 5.56mm. Not my preferred round for CQB, but certainly lethal.
      I prefer the .45ACP over all other handgun rounds and prefer my pump shotgun for CQB. Handguns are for keeping you in the fight until you can reach your rifle.

      2,800 ft/s, 2600+ ft-lbf range

      I’ve been wanting one of those S&W 460XVR revolvers.

  4. I’d sure as hell snap one up if I could. Great price!

  5. That is an interesting gun, and priced well. I think it might be worth a look as a last ditch firearm.

  6. The old “companion rifle” idea, one that takes the same ammo as the handgun, is a useful concept.

    Now, if I could just convince mysely to buy either a Super Blackhawk or a Model 29 to go with the Marlin 1894 SS…

    I’m sure the 40 is fine in a carbine, but the .44 mag is dead serious.

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