GCP Moving Day

The link is updated at the top of the right-hand side bar with the new addy. I’ve already got my Firefox tab set, just waiting for the-heathers-that-be to put the finishing touches on GCP’s new home. Latest update from Rayra

Friday 2309PST
Was able to get the 66Mb database backup file of this morning from nbpundit, am now flipping it around and uploading it to our new hosting space.
We need to solve some naming convention and data import issues related to SQL databases, so our forum software will be able to see and connect with our recreated database.
I’m trying a bit more tonight, then hopefully putting it in more experienced hands during the day Saturday
If we are lucky we’ll be back in business sometime late Saturday afternoon.

Here’s a moving day open thread. See y’all at the new digs later.

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  1. Okay, who didn’t label the boxes before they put ’em on the damn truck? Oh, wait, that was MY job?

  2. It wasn’t SUPPOSED to be moving day. When I got the sales group to rescind the automatic renewal, the effing support group suspended our account, even though it should be valid through Tuesday. And while their service sucks during the week, it’s freaking non-existant on the weekends.

    We’re working on it…

  3. Yeah, I noted that in my blog. Great sales technique to pick up word of mouth referrals from former customers, wot?

  4. Excellent job on the picture, Nuke!!! Smiley

  5. it’s a great day to be a Bulldog!!

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