Sarah Palin Shows How It’s Done, With Style And Grace

We hear a lot about the various groups politicians pander to, no need to list them all, as the pols try to separate us all from each other. It’s easier to get around the whole constitutional republic problem for them if they can just address their targeted voters and the largesse they will bestow upon them in exchange for their votes.

What is, and has been, missing from the mouths of far too many politicians is a genuine conviction to the well being of every American by promoting Americanism. This “ism” promotes the values this country was based and built on, without seeking to transform it.

I was born during the Truman years and began to follow politics as a young boy during the Eisenhower years, thanks to my Grandfather and father. From #33 to the current #44, I have only seen two presidents that I could honestly call “a man of the people,” RWR and GWB. The others were either slick salesmen or establishment front men, hired to keep the clubhouse pristine of unwanted riff-raff.

In Pella, Iowa Tuesday night, the premiere of the Sarah Palin documentary took place at their historic Opera House. Craig Robinson of The Iowa Republican was there and he had this to say:

I thought it was pretty remarkable that Palin, who is a national political phenomenon, came to this small Iowa town, strolled through the town square, watched a two-hour movie with 300 plus locals, and then spent several hours meeting people and shaking hands at the cook out that followed the movie premier. The people just flocked to her in Pella last night, and she handled it all with grace.

Palin must have posed for a thousand photographs last night. In addition, she also autographed hundreds of books, tickets, and even a baseball. While she could have left at any time, she patiently worked through the crowd until she hit the door of her car. The crowd loved her. Nobody went home disappointed.

Palin seems comfortable when she is around regular folk, the working class folk, the people who actually make things work. The disdain the chattering classes have for her is palpable, while she views them with equal disdain. The fact that no one from the “media” got a ticket to be inside the Pella Opera House for the premier was a perfect illustration as to how little they mean to her, she doesn’t need them to talk to the “folks.”

After The Undefeated was over and the credits were still rolling on the screen, Palin took the stage to address everyone in attendance. One person in the front row recorded her address, which is why we have the following video record. Notice that the address is unscripted, she is speaking from the head and the heart, from experience and beliefs, not from a teleprompter or index cards.

There is something else you might notice(or should), the wonderful absence of the words “I” or “me.”

This video is a perfect example of the type of politician we need, one that is more concerned about this great nation and its people, than with satisfying their narcissism.

Some say if she runs, she will never win the GOP nomination, or if she is the GOP choice she could never beat our current pResident. I don’t agree with any of that, but even if were to be true it wouldn’t disappoint me. Her not running at all is all that could disappoint me.


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