College Football 2011~~56 Days To Go

Actually, I have been counting the days since it was 120+ days to go, but the excitement is building.

My ten year old flat screen will be getting demoted from the living room to the bedroom for this season and will be replaced with at least a 50″ plasma and my old Lazy Boy has to go.

I’m expecting my beloved OU Sooners to have a run at another national title and they are the pre-season favorite to do so by many.

Our friend Nuke gets to enjoy the start of the season on opening day when his MSU Bulldogs get to ring those cow bells at 7p.m.

A new season brings fresh hope. All of our favorite teams are currently undefeated and we can only hope that come late at night in N’Orlins on 9 Jan ’12, they will still be.

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  1. Yes sir.

    It is getting to feel like college football is right around the corner. The countdown clock at The Sixpack is at 54 days, for the opening day tiff on the road at Memphis.

    There are many old jokes out there about the unlikelihood of my Bullies winning it all, but I would remind the naysayers of one thing….
    the NC Game is in 2012.

    • Well, I question their math.
      They are probably not counting today or the day of the first game, but the 54 days in between.

      Its any teams title for the taking, that’s why we play the games.

      The Dawgs will be on prime time Fox sports, so I will be watching, not that slug match on ESPiN.

      • I’m hoping for an easy Thursday nite blowout against Memphis. We have Auburn on the road in week 2.

        Then LSU at home the next Thursday. Ought to know something about the Dawgs pretty early on.

      • Don’t hit the snooze button on Memphis. First game of the year, jitters, cramps and blown assignments are abundant.
        The two SEC Tigers in a row, man, that’s tough.
        Week two of the season is gonna be a humdinger. OU travels to Florida State for an evening nationally televised game. FSU is still smarting from the ass-whuppin’ they got in Norman last year.

  2. mmmmmmmmmm……..50″ Plasma

    • Yeah, I know…can hardly wait, but there is no rush as there isn’t anything worth watching on tv until then.
      Counting on some back to school/labor day sales to get some kablinky knocked off. I was looking at a 65″DLP projector tv that was $300 off, but the life span of the bulb spooked me off.
      Plasma is considered best for live action/sports with a much higher dynamic contrast ratio than LCD and since I have the tv in a relatively dark area of the living room, glare isn’t an issue.
      Have you seen the new Mitsubishi Laser tvs? Daaaaang! What a picture and the wave of the future, but for now they are way too pricey.

  3. Just got in from a week of travel. Can’t hang tonight. Will catch up soon.

  4. Nuke, you ever check out For Whom The Cowbell Tolls?
    It’s part of the SB Nation of sports blogs, I follow Crimson And Cream at SB Nation.
    Oh, and in case you need reminding, the LongWhorns still suck.

  5. OH YEAH, let the party begin!! The dawgs have a pretty tough schedule this year, be interesting to follow. On the other side the Sooners have a pretty weak schedule and should rack up some major scores.
    The Hawkeyes lost a lot of seniors and had a few players be dumbasses with the law so they will have a weak season along with most of the Big Ten teams, adding the Cornhuskers will give us another powerhouse. TCU should be fun to watch also.
    N2L, you are correct Longwhores will suck but does that mean the Sooners blow?
    Just asking. Jerking your chain my cyber-friend.

    • I wouldn’t call OU’s schedule that weak. Sure, they are expected to beat Tulsa and Ball State on athletic ability alone, but traveling to Tallahassee to face a resurgent FSU is no easy task. Now, without a conference championship, they have to play all conference opponents. TAMU and Missou, their two losses last year, will be at home this year, but both are expected to be strong again, with TAMU now considered a top ten preseason pick. The annual RRR in Dallas with the Whorns, anything can happen in that rivalry and often does. They travel to TT, which has been a tough road game for them for years, and they go to Baylor which is no slouch. My old friend Phil Bennett is now the DC at Baylor and he always gets his defenses to play hard and smart.

      TCU lost their defensive coordinator, which is huge, and their QB, but they are still a very talented team. Boise State joins their conference this year and TCU will have to travel there and play in the thin air and on the ‘smurf turf.’

      This is the time of year when the excitement starts to build. Will there be disappointments along the way? I can almost guarantee it, but we will have to deal with those as they come.

      One thing that will weigh heavy on the hearts and minds of the Sooners is the untimely death of their inspirational leader on defense, middle linebacker Austin Box. Hopefully the loss of their good friend and force of nature will inspire them.

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