We got five years (my brain hurts a lot)

About 5 years ago, there was a shutdown over at GCP, and I decided to give this blogging thing a whirl.

And now, we got 5 years!  What a surprise.


And all the fat-skinny people

And all the tall-short people

And all the nobody people

And all the somebody people

I never thought I’d need so many people …

Thanks for everything n2l…  Swampie, RD, Jseedubya, and all the rest, you guys make blogging fun.


14 Responses

  1. Congratulations sir! Here’s hoping for another five!

  2. Wait….whaaaa?
    Five years…already?
    Dang, nuke, I can still remember your email inviting me to stop by. I guess it has been that long since the mass exodus from lgf and the kerfuffle at GCP.
    I sure have enjoyed the time, as fast as it has gone by. All of our lives have been chronicled here over that time, personal tragedies, health issues, recollections and rants.
    I sure thank you for providing us this place to gather and for trusting me with the keys.
    May we have many more wonderful lustrums.

  3. Just remember you are A Lucky Man.
    /especially since you ain’t Malcolm Macdowell

  4. […] We got five years (my brain hurts a lot) […]

  5. Congrats Nuke, may we have many more together.
    It has been fun.

  6. Wow! Time really DOES fly when you’re havin’ fun! Dang. Seems I’ve “known” y’all a lot longer than that, though.

  7. A congrats on your anniversary!

  8. Smiley …seems like only yesterday.

  9. 5 years? Dang. That would put it just before the Friday Night Massacre, IIRC. Well, whatever. Good on ya!

    Mike C.

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