Dang, there’s been a lot of things happening in the past few days, but N2l and Nuke have been kinda quiet which is uncharacteristic for them. Maybe they’re on vacation. Maybe they’re out converting dollars into trade goods* for the natives and ammo while there is still time. Maybe they’re in an underground SHTF bunker somewhere that I ain’t been invited to. Hmmmmmmm. But maybe they’re just napping. Maybe I need to make enough noise and kick a few things around. You reckon this might wake ’em up?

*Trade goods for the natives here would consist of chewing tobacco, beer, and cigarettes. And pharmaceuticals frowned upon by the U.S. Government.

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  1. No ma’am, it’s the meat world’s fault. Danged salt won’t mine itself. When I do get home or have some time to kill, there is a long list of killings I need to take care of.
    Right now, in the process of redoing my living room/entertainment center for football season. I went and got me one these last week.
    I like it!
    The living room no longer looks like a disaster area, just an area of low intensity conflict.

    • …zzzzzzz..snort, snort, …..zzzz, smack, burp. Huh? Did somebody say sumpin bout football?

      • Yessir, I hear that train a’comin’.
        I am s000 ready.
        Hey nuke, you hear about the smack down the Texas wHorns have been getting over their new network with ESPN? Too funny. They were trying to do a sneaky end run on NCAA rules regarding recruiting, by hosting high school football games that coincidentally featured players they were after.

      • that sounds like a “lack of institutional control” to me

    • WOOOOW, that’s awesome man, congrats on getting one. More better to watch the Sooners kick some Big 12, oops, 10 something tail!!

  2. DANG! SwampMan would think he’d died and gone to heaven if one o’ them thangs was in the house.

  3. Grumble grumble grumble danged reply button malfunctioning grumble grumble.

    • The thing is, I really haven’t had it on very much. The plasma screen is rated for 100,000 hours, which is over 11 years if left on. At the rate I have had it on, danged thing will last fitty years.
      Not much time left over after my daily 3 point plan of work/shit/sleep.
      Been doing lots of rearranging, dusting, vacuuming and research shopping. Need a few more things before they started playing in 38 days.

  4. Nuke, it wasn’t a lack of institutional control, it was due to institutional control. The uni Prez signed the $300million 20 year deal with ESPN to form the Longhorn Network.
    I keep telling y’all about the inflated to bursting egos at that place, they believe they are superior to everyone on the planet and behave that way. They already have a $100million athletic budget, the highest in the country, but they want more.
    UT destabilized the SWC and are doing the same thing to the Big 12. That’s why Nebraska left and is also why OU and TAMU are in talks with the SEC. UT needs a spanking, a time out and to be grounded for the next ten years. If OU and TAMU(and possibly OSU) leave the Big 12-2, some speculate UT would have to go indy. Personally, I wish they would, then I could ignore them as easily as I do Notre Dame. Their dreams of being national champs would diminish rapidly and to even dream of winning one within a 35 year span like last time would be unrealistic.
    They only care about their profit and not the health of the conference, so I say screw them. I hope they do go indy and OU refuses to schedule them after their current Cotton Bowl series in Dallas ends, if they can’t get out of the contract.
    If UT performed half as well in football as their mouths, they would be a fearsome opponent.

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