More Theater From Washington, Plus Nancy’s Communing With Space Aliens Again

I tuned in to TV today (I know, I know) to see Obama’s press secretary, Carney, blame the lack of a budget on the congressional Republicans. Again. His sideshow-evocative name seems pretty apt for an Obama press secretary. “What is Obama’s plan exactly again?” “He has details. And stuff. LOOK! OVER THERE! The Republicans are killing unicorns! Where will our Skittles come from? OHMYGAWD it’s BUSH! He’s killing Santa Claus!”

Yet the Fed is reportedly NOT preparing for a default and government offices are not preparing for a shut down. You would think, if the President is going to continue to veto and stonewall, that government offices would be on notice. Go figure. You would think that I would be getting a letter from the school district saying something like “since your job is dependent on a federal grant, we’ve been notified that the grant may not be paid and so we may have to fire your ass and don’t come to work until further notice” (perhaps in more diplomatic language) but noooooo. Which additionally shows me that maybe this is all staged for the cameras. Is anybody stockpiling cash for potential bank runs? Maybe I’ll just go get in front of a possible bank run and take out my entire fortune of about $38.52 TODAY. Take THAT, Treasury Department. I may use it to stimulate the feed store economy. Or buy some McNuggets with Sweet Chili sauce from McDonald’s.

Carney says that there was a lot of detail on things passed back and forth between Reid and Obama. (Wow. I am so impressed. Maybe they even used the RE: line, as in RE: Totally F***ing the Economy.) And Boehner walked away from the negotiations TWICE. (Gosh darn. Guess he forgot to add the little detail that Obama decided to unilaterally change the bill which doesn’t sound very compromising to ME. And we want to know whether Boehner was walking funny afterwards.) Obama is planning on doing something big and HISTORIC for the spending bill. (You mean the man who only started getting involved @ 2 weeks ago? Oh, the bullshit is getting too deep for me!) And the Republicans must compromise. (But not the Democrats.) Being the Obama press secretary is definitely one of those shovel-ready jobs. Oh, gosh, and Obama is determined that our economy is not to be damaged further. (Dang. I think I snorted up some meatloaf over that. Gotta turn the TV off. Snorting meatloaf is not an approved ingestion method. And it’s probably a felony due to the sodium content.)

Oh, crap. Didn’t get the TV turned off in time. They (news anchors) reported that Pelosi is wearing her WonderWoman Underoos again:

Urgent: Pelosi on today’s vote: “What we’re trying to do is save the world from the Republican budget….we’re trying to save life on this planet as we know it today.”

I shit you not, she actually said that. How stupid are the people that continue to elect her? Does she have a morons only district? To move into Nancy’s congressional district, do they make people take IQ tests and if they’re positive, they get refused permission to enter? Is it a gated congressional district? This is the woman who has hundreds of millions of dollars yet used the Air Force as her private taxi for her and her progeny and their progeny! The woman owns vineyards, yet drank over $100,000 worth of of liquor that the taxpayers had to spring for. Eeesh. Typical Dem. Wants to raise taxes on the “rich” small business proprietors that gross $250,000 per year but I guarantee that her fortune is well protected. I figure she owes ALL of us money. When somebody sacks her palatial estates, please send me my share. And don’t think you can cheap out and send me some shoes. No, no. But I digress….

I’m also wondering how much of all this posturing and pontification in front of the cameras is to make sure that the cameras are NOT pointing at the witnesses testifying in the gunrunner scandal. Would tbe Dems potentially send the country into a deep depression in order to avoid the public scrutinizing their HUGE illegal program in which they were purposely arming Mexican drug cartels while simultaneously screaming about how “we” must control our arms in a blatant attempt to disarm the American citizens because guns are (wait for it) crossing our borders and getting to Mexican drug gangs?

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  1. I want a knight with a 12-gauge and a big ol’ can of roach spray to clean out the vermin infestation in Washington.

  2. Owhinner and company have be crying “the sky is falling” ever since he propped his big feet on the desk in the Oval Office—frankly, fewer and fewer people are believing this Pied Piper of Chicago!

    • Well, I don’t know why anybody in the 57 states wouldn’t believe everything Obama said about the economy!

  3. Naw, I would think a 50 cal and a nuke might get the roaches!! Going to have to start from scratch.
    Something to go along with your Drowning Pool Vid:

  4. ROFL! Croc, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a lovely picture of Nancy Pelosi.

    • LOL, I wasn’t thinking along them lines but now that you brought that up, yeah it is perfect. I can’t stop laughing!! Thanks, needed that.

  5. Dang.
    I get here at 10 p.m. only to find it was a day time party.

    • Well, I checked in earlier but you weren’t home! I just got in. I was checking that my sheep were all tucked in for the evening because Puppy had been making a helluva fuss earlier. Sheep were in the wrong barn. No little midget sheep (a lamb born in April that hasn’t progressed beyond newborn size). I was checking and checking the pastures, shown my flashlight in the barn they were supposed to be in, and saw eyes shining at me. Went down, and danged if he doesn’t have a broken rear leg. Something in the night must’ve spooked the adult sheep and they trampled him. Poor little guy was trying to stand up and come to me. I don’t have a THING to splint his poor lil’ leg with if I set it tonight, either, so it’s gonna have to wait until morning when the stores open.

    • Well. I managed to come up with some splints and tape and cushioning material because I couldn’t let the poor lil’ fellow go all night with a broken (shattered) leg and dangling foot. I set it, splinted it, and taped it, and he’s walking on it, and then wanted food and water, which he got. Since he’s eating, drinking, and walking, and it is almost 4 a.m., I figure I get to go to sleep now.

  6. I agree with John–the sky is falling, its falling on the old guard!

    • I hope it falls right on his head. I was just reading an article at HuffPo that said that he’s going to do something about gun control via executive order since he can’t get it through Congress.

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