We Are So Screwed, Might As Well Play While We Can

Cryin’ won’t help you, prayin’ won’t do you no good…

Debt 102% of GDP…$114.5 trillion in unfunded liabilities…QE3 coming…


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  1. Went by the atm a little while ago and took the limit on cash. topped off the gas tanks, going to do some extra grocery shopping tomorrow.

    • Well, hope you can hold onto it better than the SwampMan! He did the same thing, only LOST THE CASH. *sigh* Dropped it somewhere.

    • I am truly worried about a large bank draft that is sitting in the clutches of BofA and they refuse to release it to my bank until the 15 business day requirement is met.
      I hope I have another ten days, cause if I do, I will be pulling that cash out as quick as I can.

      • Oh, hell, NOT BoA! I think that bad boy is goin’ DOWN.

        /My little teensy bank gives me next day access. One of the BIG reasons we left BoA years ago because they really CAN clear it much quicker.

      • Wasn’t my choice. Hell, I wanted a check and not a danged draft, but the company I am doing business with insisted.
        I can only hope that because it isn’t the bank’s money, but a draft deposit I will be protected. My heart sank when I saw which bank they had deposited the funds in. I would never use BofA intentionally.

      • I think you’ll be okay. The intensive European meetings today produced some truly enviable verbage that, if looked at carefully, said diddly, but it seems to have impressed the investors. I think.

      • The Asian markets started off badly, but have recovered some since the opening plunge.
        When our markets open I expect the decline won’t be too bad, because of the pResident’s statement issued after the S&P downgrade…oh…wait…still waiting for that statement to reassure investors.

      • BAC stock looks like it is on life support. Next stop, morgue. Hope you get that money out soon.

      • Oh, snap, SIL and daughter’s emergency funds are in BoA (SIL’s re-enlistment bonus).

  2. I’ve only got a couple hundred left in my bank account; Swampman has less than a hundred left in his. Of course, I’ve got actual cash. SwampMan, not so much (grin).

    I thought about grocery shopping but my freezer is stuffed. That sucker has GOT to be cleaned out to make way so this year’s lambs, chickens and ducks can go inside.

    Things seem to be moving very quickly now. I hope I have time to get a big fall garden in.

  3. Can you see the videos? All I’m seeing are exclaimation points. Can’t see my videos, either. *sniff*

    • Yes ma’am, I can see the vids quite clearly.
      Perhaps a reboot is in your immediate future?

      • Heh. Yep, a reboot solved the problem, and I got to listen to good music.

        What did we used to say in the military? I think it was something like “You are so beyond screwed, you can’t even catch the bus back to screwed”. Only I don’t believe the word was screwed.

  4. NOOOO!!!!

    It’s FUBAR (f—ed up beyond all repair!!!)

  5. comedy gold.

  6. I was just looking around and saw this at the Barnhardt website.


    Look for the piece called: My Aircraft.

    Didn’t know where else to put it.

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