NCAA grows spine

In a ruling that can only be seen as a major setback for the fledgling Texas Longhorn Network, the NCAA has ruled that High school games cannot be aired on school or conference networks.

NCAA President Mark Emmert said that “NCAA staff had made the interpretation and board of directors had approved it. Texas A&M had lobbied the NCAA hard for such an interpretation. It’s unclear whether this changes A&M’s reported intentions.

TLN and ESPN officials said previously they would be comfortable with whatever the NCAA decided. But clearly ESPN/TLN had ambitious plans. TLN chief Dave Brown said in June that the network had planned to televise up to 18 games per season. He also said there were plans to fly to different states to televise the games of players who had committed to Texas.” source

OH, BTW, 21 days till Kickoff 2011.

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  1. ’bout time!!

    longest 21 days in time.

  2. This solves only one problem and frankly, I’m surprised the NCAA showed a semblance of cajones.
    The arrogance of tu and espn knows no bounds and they are actually setting themselves up for tu to go independent.
    You should see the contract that tu and espn signed, it would have blocked any other conference school from having their own network deal and televising any sporting event with tu.
    The attitude the folks at tu have is just bizarre. They give the good citizens of Texas a very ugly image nationally, with their false sense of superiority.

  3. We could find out as early as Monday if TAMU joins the SEC in 2012.
    The Big 12 has been destroyed by tu.
    OU is considering their options, with the OU President not in favor of going SEC for his own reasons which make no sense to me. OU is also looking at the PAC, which I don’t like, and at the Big 10 which would thoroughly piss me off.

    • He says it’s about academics.

      • I’m sure Cal and Stanford are amused with that reasoning, but I’m not.
        You couldn’t even find a decent glass of sweet iced tea out there, there is no shared culture with the Left Coast and moving to the Big 10 would hurt recruiting. Kids from the South and West aren’t going to want to play in Wisconsin or Minnesota in late fall/early winter.
        The SEC is the only logical choice culturally and financially.

  4. Texas Practice Suspended!

    The Texas Longhorns had their practice delayed for nearly two hours yesterday after a player reported finding an unknown white powdery substance on the field. None of the players could identify it, and Mack Brown immediately suspended practice, while police were called to investigate.

    After a complete analysis, experts determined the unidentified white substance to be the goal line. Mack Brown resumed practice after a special agent concluded the team was unlikely to encounter the substance ever again.

    (making the rounds on the interwebs)

  5. Now that’s a hoot.

    N2L, I see where the Sooners lost a member of their defense for a few weeks due to a breakage. Never fear Stoops will git’em ready to steamroll the opponents.

    • Yeah, he broke a toe, out for as much as 8 weeks, but probably Sooner.
      If you are going to compete for championship, you have to be ready for injuries and assorted issues. Their cupboards ain’t bare, young and untested, but capable.

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