When C’s Became A’s

From C's to A's
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  1. They come out of our public schools unprepared for success in college because they have only been indoctrinated, not educated. Compared to the work I had to do in school, to what my kids were required to do, I was shocked. I raised some cane with and English teacher and the principal when I discovered that my daughter and her class weren’t required to read The Grapes Of Wrath, but instead watched the movie and took a 50 T/F test at the end. I pulled my copy out of the book case and had her read it on her own and grilled her on the contents and the multiple realities found in it.

    Now, my kids fully understand the value of a good education. My two grand daughters started class Tuesday in a Christian private school. My daughter told me they were issued actual text books for their classes, unlike last year at their public elementary school.
    On another note, my nieces daughter took the SAT for the first time last March and scored 1600. She was 12 and has always been home schooled.

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