NCAA grows spine

In a ruling that can only be seen as a major setback for the fledgling Texas Longhorn Network, the NCAA has ruled that High school games cannot be aired on school or conference networks.

NCAA President Mark Emmert said that “NCAA staff had made the interpretation and board of directors had approved it. Texas A&M had lobbied the NCAA hard for such an interpretation. It’s unclear whether this changes A&M’s reported intentions.

TLN and ESPN officials said previously they would be comfortable with whatever the NCAA decided. But clearly ESPN/TLN had ambitious plans. TLN chief Dave Brown said in June that the network had planned to televise up to 18 games per season. He also said there were plans to fly to different states to televise the games of players who had committed to Texas.” source

OH, BTW, 21 days till Kickoff 2011.

We Are So Screwed, Might As Well Play While We Can

Cryin’ won’t help you, prayin’ won’t do you no good…

Debt 102% of GDP…$114.5 trillion in unfunded liabilities…QE3 coming…


How educated are Repub candidates?

Another interesting infographic from Candice (via online schools)
How Educated Are Republican Candidates?
Created by: Online Schools

Deal of the day

From Retrevo

Swann MaxiBrite Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera with Night Vision 25ft (Black)
Swann MaxiBrite Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera with Night Vision 25ft (Black)


The human thigh bone is 30 x stronger than concrete (and other weird stuff)

Candice Parkson strikes again …

Everybody's Got a Body
Created by: Online Nursing Schools

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