Florida GOP Debate

Don’t look now, but Newt Gingrich just won another Republican debate. Tonight in Orlando, Florida, he was the clear winner. Newt came across as the smartest and most complete candidate in the room. He even had the best “moment” of all of the candidates.

When asked what he would do to help the country regain its confidence, Newt’s answer was a homerun. He recalled the Ronald Reagan bromide: “When your brother-in-law is out of work, you’re in a recession. When you are out of work, you’re in a depression. When Jimmy Carter’s out of work, the country will be in recovery.” Newt said the defeat of Barack Obama would be the single most important economic stimulus that the country needs.

Rick Perry lost ground tonight. So did the Massachusetts governor, who reminded me again of why I would like to punch him in the mouth. Michelle Bachman’s biggest problem is that she isn’t Sarah Palin. Ron Paul, John Huntsman, and that Johnson fellow somehow think they are running for the libertarian nomination. Sorry, but they were just on the wrong stage. Herman Cain and Rick Santorum had their opportunities, but didn’t change their also-ran status.

Unless Sarah Palin gets in the race, I’m going to have to seriously consider Newt Gingrich for the top spot.

Anyway, that’s the way I saw it. What about you?

Cringe-worthy moments … Malkin

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  1. I can’t watch or listen to these things when there are nine people on stage.
    For at least five of them they have no chance and are just using this as an opportunity to enhance their resumes. I include Newt in that list of five, he has no chance. I doubt he would get 30% of the female vote, even if he was running against B. Hussein.
    When the stage gets down to 3-4 candidates, then I will consider watching these events.

    Still waiting to hear from Super Sarah.

    • I’m with you on the can’t watch or listen part, I can’t help but read some of it. That said, I do not want a smooth talker that can win a debate, that’s why we have BHO. Perry and Cain have good ideas but only one is electable. Sarah needs to stay out of the race because she can do so much more when not having to answer frivolous lawsuits and spend millions defending them. She’s a ‘kingmaker’ and with her running the GOP/TEA Party it is the best move for all of us, IMHO.

      • Whatever Sarah does she is a force to be reckoned with. Still hope she runs, though.
        I’m troubled by both Perry and Cain’s muslim positions.
        Perry has had a disturbing connection with Grover Norquist(married to a Palestinian woman) and Imam Aga Khan and his Ismaili sect.
        Cain apologized to muslims on 28 Jul for originally saying he would never have a muslim in his administration.

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