A campaign event disguised as a news conference

I made it through the President’s news conference this morning.

AP photo

That was one hour and ten minutes of my life that was wasted. Not to say that I’ve never wasted an hour and ten minutes before, or even that I’ve never spent an hour and ten minutes being wasted. Just that, this “news conference” wasn’t a news conference, at all. It was a campaign event.

And, as the lapdog media quickly realized their role in the show, their questions became more and more deliberate. Their hero didn’t disappoint. He smashed their softball queries far into the left field cheap seats, and time after time, played the blame game to deflect criticism of his performance with the economy.

As much as the President tries to blame others for his incompetence, the fact that his policies have not done what he said they would do undermines his credibility with the blame game. At least the President didn’t say “pass this bill, now,” so we can be grateful for that anyway.

4 Responses

  1. Hey! That’s the future U.N. Secretary General you’re talking about!

  2. Dang, Nuke. You actually sat there and listened to that ass-clown for that long?
    I haven’t intentionally listened to him since before his Obamessiah speech three years ago. I had already determined who he was with his odd mannerisms, soaring rhetoric and empty platitudes.

  3. I actually tried to listen to a few of his “news” conferences, but I was quickly disgusted by his habitual tardiness and lack of substance.

    I can no longer listen anymore due to the danger of my eyeballs getting stuck from being rolled so far back in my head whenever he says something particularly stupid .

  4. Wow, that had to be like being waterboarded. When I see his little ‘pony trot’ start into a room for a speech the channel suddenly changes. Can’t stand anything about the man-child.

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