Breast Cancer Awareness Month–Just Say NO To The Susan G. Komen Foundation

For a number of years I have refused to contribute to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Often at the check out of the local supermarket, the cashier will ask if I would like to donate a dollar for “The Cure” and I emphatically and proudly announce “I certainly will not.”

Why, you may ask? For one simple reason, this foundation that has raised an untold amount of money since it was founded in 1982 donates millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood, through some of its affiliates.

This excellent article, The Dark Side Of ‘Thinking Pink’ goes into depth on the subject of risk factors associated with breast cancer, including the questionable source that the SGK Foundation claims supports their position.

Here are some key points raised in this article:

Women today are delaying childbirth as never before, and having fewer children. Younger women are using OC(oral contraceptives) for longer periods of time. And well over a fifth of all pregnancies in America end in abortion — hardly the rarity its “safe, legal and rare” advocates say it should be. If you suspect that these reproductive risk factors might have something to do with the 40 percent increase in the incidence of breast cancer over the last 30 years, you have spotted the elephant in the room.
Induced abortion is also a major risk factor. A recent (2007) multi-country study found that having had an abortion was the greatest predictor of subsequent breast cancer. Going back decades, study after study (with only a few exceptions) has demonstrated the connection; a methodologically sound review of the available evidence determined that it raises the risk of breast cancer by approximately 30 percent. (See this exhaustive summary.) Electing to have an abortion before one’s first full-term pregnancy is even riskier.
Most pink campaigns avoid any hint of these factors like the plague; the Susan G. Komen Foundation, a prominent advocacy and fundraising group, vehemently and unequivocally denies the link between abortion and breast cancer, citing Beral’s shady “study”. Komen is evidently content to ignore mounting epidemiological evidence along with current knowledge of breast physiology which makes such a link all the more creditable.

Curiously, Komen also funnels millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood — already a recipient of considerable governmental largesse. By doling out tons of contraceptives and providing for more abortion than any other outfit in the country, Planned Parenthood virtually ensures that the breast cancer epidemic will persist, not shrink.

You don’t have to be a cynic to find this cozy relationship a bit fishy.

To summarize, the SGK Foundation provides millions of dollars through donations (by an American public that honestly believes they are actually doing what little they can to help fight breast cancer), to an unethical organization that provides services to young women that are in the high risk category for the very disease the public wants to eliminate.

It appears the SGK Foundation is insuring their existence by funding an agency that will provide them with an endless stream of cancer victims, requiring even more donations from an uninformed, but well intentioned public.

There is no doubt what a deadly and devastating disease breast cancer is to women and their families. As a father to young women and grand father of young girls, no one would like to see this horrible disease eliminated or ameliorated more than I, but there is no way on Earth I will ever give a single penny to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, unless or until they sever any and all connections with Planned Parenthood. The American Cancer Society is an excellent choice for any who wish to donate to a reputable organization involved in this fight.

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  1. I had no idea…

    They have one of the most effective marketing operations I have ever seen… Too bad their association with PP

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