Herman Cain Sings Lennon’s Imagine

All we are saying … is give pizza a chance.

Herman Cain, from 1991.

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#OWS: Jackson, MS

The Occupation Crowd made it to Smith Park in Jackson, yesterday. Nuke’s contributor, Jseedubya was there to provide us with some idea of what happened.

I went to the Occupy Jackson Rally this morning. I wanted to see for myself what this “movement” was all about. I understand the basis of their complaints, corporate greed, and the fact that politicians favor Wall Street over Main Street. In fact, I can relate to their anger as I too am having a tough time in this degraded economy. I agree that there needs to be some significant changes to the status quo, and I was curious to hear their ideas, if any, that the 99 percenters were promoting.

Some of what I saw was just plain bizarre. They claim to have no “leader”, but one fellow wearing a “wifebeater” t-shirt, and oversize belt buckle with a pot leaf emblem on it, did seem to be the head honcho. He would make a statement, and the crowd would repeat his words, almost like the were chanting. Then they would throw their hands up in the air like an old-time tent revival, and wiggle their fingers in agreement with the chanting.

There were signs in the park that said “Park Closes at 7:00 PM.” I didn’t stick around to see if the hippies would test the patience of the Police or not. JPD is not known for suffering fools gladly.

update: HA-check out these endorsements!

Teh One

h/t Kevin well played, sir.

Casey Anthony to Enroll at Auburn.

Heard you could get away with murder there.


Planet Text

All your texts are belong to us… or as former Ole Miss RB Dexter McCluster says, “Don’t Teks and drive.”

h/t Peter Kim

Planet Text
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Oh Noooooes…Huntsman to boycott Nevada

by Matt Viser, Globe Staff

WASHINGTON – Republican presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman, who has increasingly staked his candidacy on New Hampshire, said this morning that he will boycott the Nevada caucuses unless the state moves its voting date out of the Granite State’s way.

He also challenged Mitt Romney to do the same.

Nevada currently has set its date for Jan. 14, but New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner demanded yesterday that Nevada move its voting back to Jan. 17. It is all part of a quadrennial ritual where states jockey for voting positions.

Now that would just be tragic. By the way, who is Jon Huntsman?

A Star Walks Onto The Stage

It’s not very often that a non-scholarship football player successfully walks-on at a major university football program and gets to play.

It’s even more seldom that a walk-on becomes a starter for a national champion contending team.

If you haven’t heard of him his name is Dominique Whaley and he is indeed a walk-on running back for the OU Sooners. In just five games he has shown just why the coaches, that regularly recruit some of the finest athletes in the country, have named him their starting running back. DW just has that “it” factor, he is fast, powerful, doesn’t fumble the ball and is a great receiver.

And now he is attracting much more attention after his breath taking touchdown run in the Red River Shoot-Out on national television, even comparisons to the Sooner legend Adrian Peterson. The Sports Illustrated cover is a little disconcerting, having seen what a curse that usually is.

In any event, the Junior RB who is essentially a freshman in terms of experience has brought much joy and a wow factor to Sooner fans, as evidenced in the following video. His explosion of power when he turns the corner and reveals his 4.38 speed is a video I have yet to grow tired of, as well as the last video in his very first game.

I wish this young man every success.

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