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Behind A Successful Coach Is A…Psycho?

For those who don’t know who Gus Malzahn is, he is the offensive coordinator of the university of Auburn football team. In January of this year his Auburn Tigers won the BCS National Championship.

The following video is an interview his wife Kristi gave on a religious broadcast.

Oh, and Auburn SUX.

A Thanksgiving Video

This day is celebrated as a day of Thanks from the earliest days of our nation. An annual reminder to reflect on all that we have to be thankful for.

In the times we are currently living, it isn’t difficult to overlook the many blessings we have even if we believe times are tough.

As columnist James Lewis wrote several years ago:

Gratitude is a noble virtue; you have to respect yourself to be grateful to others. Only those who feel blessed can be filled with gratitude. It is a kind of courtesy of the heart.

I encourage all to be thankful, have gratitude and be kind to yourselves.

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Eat Mo’ Google

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#Occupy Westboro Baptist

The Westboro Baptist phucks have announced that they will be picketing at the funeral of Arkansas football player Garrett Uekman.

I could support an #Occupy Westboro Baptist protest at this time.

Natalie Wood case re-opened

It has been thirty years since Natalie Wood died in a boating accident.  Now, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s  Department plans to re-open the investigation.

The case was re-opened in part because of questions from the media about the circumstances surrounding Wood’s death. Some of those questions were prompted by the captain’s account of the night, detailed in the book “Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour.” His statements are also the centerpiece of a “48 Hours” segment, produced in conjunction with Vanity Fair, scheduled to air Saturday.

I had forgotten how beautiful she was.




Free your mind, your feet will follow

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Do running shoes cause more harm than good?

Free Your Feet
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