Free your mind, your feet will follow

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Do running shoes cause more harm than good?

Free Your Feet
Created by: X Ray Technician Schools

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  1. Yessir, barefoot walking/running is much better for you. That’s why the Vibram Five Finger Bare Foot Shoes are becoming all the rage.

    • like most rages, that one hasn’t made it to mccomb, ms yet. Looks interesting, though.

      • You could be a trend setter. I have seen lots of folks on different TV shows wearing them, one of the finalist for Top Shot wore them.
        The testimonials I have read from folks with long term chronic knee problems about how they have helped reduce the pain in their knees are remarkable. Basically you are bare footed, these just provide some comfort and prevent getting cuts and punctures. Some are for sport, some are just plain “gorilla toes” while some models are actually presentable with regular office attire.

  2. A friend of mine wears them and swears by them. I can’t get past the price tag, though.

    • There is the cost factor.
      But when I hear a man who has had excruciating knee pain for years and had given up on taking long walks and running suddenly discover he could go for a nice jaunt with out pain, then you have to consider the cost/benefit factor.
      I don’t have any because I have never liked running, unless it was absotively/posilutely necessary.

  3. Hey, whattaya think about Ann Barnhardt?

    • I was thinking on posting on it, but since you already know…

      She has always been a straight-shooter, so I have no reason to question her judgment.

    • Yeah, that’s what I was afraid you were gonna say. You gonna stick around Dallas ITSHTF? Or maybe that should be *when*, not *if*.

      • Oh, it would have to be TEOTWAWKI and not just SHTF before I would bale immediately.
        I do have a fall back position in the swamp, if I can get there and there aren’t road blocks.

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