A Thanksgiving Video

This day is celebrated as a day of Thanks from the earliest days of our nation. An annual reminder to reflect on all that we have to be thankful for.

In the times we are currently living, it isn’t difficult to overlook the many blessings we have even if we believe times are tough.

As columnist James Lewis wrote several years ago:

Gratitude is a noble virtue; you have to respect yourself to be grateful to others. Only those who feel blessed can be filled with gratitude. It is a kind of courtesy of the heart.

I encourage all to be thankful, have gratitude and be kind to yourselves.

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7 Responses

  1. well said.

    Happy Thanksgiving n2l

  2. Oh, um, Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.

  3. Great Thanksgiving at the Beto House.
    All the kids came and it was the most organized I’ve ever been in the kitchen. I bought a box of Bell’s Seasoning on Amazon. Really great herb mix stuff. When UPS brought to the door on Wednesday, the dogs went goofy trying to sniff it and figure out the box. The UPS van must have smelled like Thanksgiving all day. heh
    Had to help my neighbor take her old Lab to the Vet on Wednesday
    to be euthanized. 125 lbs, 13 years old and lived outside all his life. I’ve never seen an outdoors dog that big last that long.
    I pray you all have a happy holiday season.

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