MERRY CHRISTMAS From Sons Of The South

First this beautiful classic.

Since this holiday brings family together, families that we don’t get to chose, but God Bless’em they are ours, we have this humorous song.

May you all have a wonderful Christmas.

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  1. Same to you! I just finished the greens, the taters and green beans are fixin’ to start. Then there will be the sweet taters for the obligatory casserole, at least 3 pies, another dessert, the rolls, and I reckon the kids will bring something, too. The dressing and turkey can wait until morning.

  2. Whew, just finished up another big family feast with all the trimmings. Presents at the end. Much fun and fellowship.

    Love to you all, my friends.

    Merry Christmas.

  3. Awesome. Merry Christmas to all my cyber-friends!!

  4. Merry Christmas (belated), and Happy New Year to all!

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