GOP Primary Is Getting Interesting

With three states down, we have three different caucus/primary winners. Before I go further, Paul should drop out/suspend his campaign. That was his advice to Newt after Iowa and it is very sound advice he should follow himself.

As for the results, it was lightly reported that Santorum was officially declared the winner of Iowa late Friday. With the SC primary going to Newt, Mittens has to be feeling the painful realization that he isn’t inevitable or electable. In fact, exit polls from Fox News show that the SC voters viewed Newt much more electable than Mittens over Obama by 51% to 37%. That result alone shows the mantra of Mittens as being inevitable/electable was a false contruct designed to shape the minds of GOP voters.

Some are now saying that this is good news for the GOP going forward toward the eventual nominee. That if Mittens were to win, that he would be fully tested and prepared for all that the Chicago Thug Regime would throw at him. Of course that implies that he is capable of changing his personality completely and actually do the things needed to win as a candidate and not just trying not to lose, as he has been doing. That and relying on his shady Super PAC practices to destroy his opponent, which is his biggest asset to date.

I’ll state this now. Of the three candidates left in the race(Paul is not included) I would prefer Santorum, not because I think he is the very best candidate the GOP could come up with, but because his warts aren’t as grotesque and hideous as Mitten’s and Newt’s. Having said that, if Santorum doesn’t win and Gingrich does, I will have little trepidation in voting for him. If Mittens wins, I will not be voting for POTUS this year, just down ticket votes. I had thought I could punch his ballot as a vote against Obama, but not now. I have expressed this to several people, after seeing the below video, I didn’t think I could think less of Romney than I already did…but I was wrong.

I will admit that all three have some positive attributes, but their negatives can’t be overlooked, so I will break it down a little from my perspective.

Santorum:Positives are that he is a strong social conservative and clearly loves this country and what it has always represented.
His biggest negative is he seems entirely too comfortable with Big Government.

Gingrich:Positives are he is an intelligent and well spoken orator that will fight back against the left and have fun doing it. That fighting spirit connects with the average American, as evidenced in SC this past week. Also, he has hinted he might ask Rep. Allen West to be his VP.
Negatives:Burdensome personal relationship baggage and a great deal of evidence that he is a Progressive.

Romney:Positives are his experience in the business world.
Negatives:Too many to list. In that regard please view the following 52 minute video that was brilliantly produced and found at Ann Barnhardt’s website.

I agree with Miss Barnhardt emphatically, when it comes to Mittens…GO HOME, WILLARD!

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  1. Well, I have to say that ol’ Newt’s serial philandering is rather off putting. If he screwed over his wives, he’ll screw over the voters. Count on it. Although his last two wives don’t have any qualms about screwing a married man, so I really think they deserve what they get, which is a completely untrustworthy man. The essence of a person isn’t how they treat their friends or distant acquaintances, it is how they treat the people closest to them.

    Mitt hasn’t screwed over his family.

    • From many different sources it appears his marriage to Marianne was very troubled and she was stepping out on him while he was doing likewise.

      Someone wrote the ABC story was the biggest “exploding cigar” trick in history for the LSM. I have to agree.

      Newt’s progressive leanings trouble me more than his many marriages; Mitts lack of core values makes him completely unacceptable, to me.

  2. What do it do?
    I can always use the (more) button to chop of the post.

    • I don’t know what it do. I hit the button to see. still counldn’t figger it out. Dang technology!!

      BTW, there ain’t no way I’m voting for mitt.

      • I know, Nuke. No way-no how.
        GO RICK!

        Speaking of technology, gonna get rid of the iphone and go with the Galaxy Note as soon as they are available with AT&T. It’s not just a phone or a tablet, it’s a phoblet. We have the 4G LTE service in this area, which has faster downloads than my PC’s broadband service.

        • got a samsung. I likes the voice command for phoning, texting, and search. very nice.

          • I know several people that have Samsung phones and are well pleased. Was just about to pop for the Galaxy S II Skyrocket a little over a week ago(danged Ol’ new phone Jonesing), when I found out about the Note in my due diligence research. I use a bluetooth for phone calls anyway, so the idea of putting a brick up next to my head isn’t a concern.

  3. Been saying the same thing about Mitt for months now. If he wins the nomination I will do a write in ballot….Nuke for president!

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