It’s Good to be Hated Again

Scott Walker prevails in Wisconsin.

In the end, there was very little doubt. The people of Wisconsin spoke loudly and clearly. In fact, the major news networks had called it before 8:30 p.m.

Deep blue Wisconsin is in play for 2012, as conservatives dealt President Obama and his union allies a staggering blow.

I suppose it sounds like I’m gloating a little bit. Yeah, well suck on it Goonions!

“And reflect that whatever misfortune may be your lot … It could only be worse in Milwaukee.”

“Imperative that the disease be containted at all cost.”

An urgent message from the Wall Street Insider, via the ulsterman report

My Friend,

Tonight we learn the results of a battle far more important than the confines of one state election. The recall attempt against Governor Scott Walker is in essence an example of American democracy against the evils of Big Labor. I have spoken often of the corruptions of the modern labor unions. They are destroying this nation’s economy like a cancer, eating away at it from the inside.

With that understanding I have made it my purpose over these last few weeks to do all I can to ensure Big Labor’s defeat in today’s Wisconsin elections. While unable to attend this priority in person, my resources are at work, aided by resources of others I count as friends and fellow patriots in this singular battle that is but a part of this year’s ongoing war that must culminate in the defeat of Barack Obama. Very powerful forces are now fully engaged – and once steady winds of warning now turn to the inevitable maelstrom. Please take care to find sufficient cover.

I would ask that you watch closely if Governor Walker is victorious. Watch closely the reactions of the Big Labor operatives. I fear an outbreak of violence that portends what I am even more certain is to come later this year. If Big Labor loses, they will dispute the outcome. They will do so with much aggression, and with the unofficial but always present support of the Obama White House.

The Wisconsin recall election is an incubative test of sorts.

It is imperative the disease be contained at all cost.

To that end I now employ all that remains available in me to do so.

Your friend in this and all things,



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