Subic and Clark to be re-opened

It doesn’t seem like it’s been 21 years since the Navy and the Air Force pulled out of Subic Bay and Clark AFB in the Philippines, but this story from Business Insider makes me hope we can get N2L to bring us some more adventures from the SYM …

Travis Tritten at Stars and Stripes  reports that the Pentagon has apparently been fanning the old flame of friendship with the Philippines and will be re-opening two bases it left in 1991 — Subic Bay and Clark Air Base … source

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  1. I saw that story a few days ago.
    China wasn’t aggressively building a blue water navy back then, even though we were listening in on them from the RPI. Now? With 60% of our Naval assets being moved to the Pacific, along with RPI and China heating up their claims on the Spradley Islands, we have a great need to be there.
    The SYM often recalls some of the activities and events those many years ago. Some of the tales just can’t be told and others would have to be…tamed a tad. 😳

  2. Yeah, I thought of that (n2l’s military adventures) when I saw the story, too.

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