I’ve Never Been To NYC And I Never Will

I would have that etched in a grave stone if I were to be buried, instead of cremated.

About the only thing I’m missing by not going are some interesting historical sites and museums. The rest of it they can keep. I’ve got all the multi-culti I can handle right here in Texas and competing with so many millions living on top of each other for resources holds no appeal for me. As far as that goes, Dallas is much bigger than I prefer, but I couldn’t make any money living in a small town like the one I grew up in.

I have never been required to go to NYC for business and that is the only reason I would be compelled to go. Not only for the reasons listed already, but for a few others, one being I would be arrested and charged with defacing a national monument within hours after arriving, as what I would do at Grant’s tomb would never pass for roses.

The newest reasons to reinforce my vow never to go there are much more contemporary, such as the idiotic and faithful liberal policy makers and voters. Not just some anti-freedom idiots telling me what I can and cannot eat or drink, but for those same fools requiring any tools I may prefer to protect myself being forbidden for most residents and for visitors.

We already know how anti-gun the liberals in NYC are(both pols and the public), which is enough to write that place off as a destination, but they even have laws against certain types of pocket knives. That’s right, pocket knives!

Here is a story about a visitor to NYC, a bible college student from Pa.

In New York state, it’s illegal to carry a “gravity knife” — a knife with a blade that is released from its handle by flicking a wrist and then locks into place. A switchblade, also illegal to carry in New York, isn’t a gravity knife because a spring opens the blade. A typical Swiss Army knife — legal, in theory — also isn’t a gravity knife because it can’t be opened just by flicking.

Read it all, it is truly a sad commentary on life in what is supposed to be one of America’s greatest cities. If I were to be in that God forsaken city, I would really be in trouble, as I carry a “gravity” pocket knife, a small fixed blade in my wallet and a “necklace” fixed blade. I’ve carried a pocket knife since I was about seven years old, a Schrade folder given to me by my grandfather, a knife I carried in my pocket for almost twenty years. It was replaced because of another gift knife and because the blade was so worn down from sharpening and use, it was only valuable as a keepsake and not as a tool.

All this only reinforces my desire to never visit NYC and apparently there is at least one other young man who feels the same way, a college freshman from Pa. with a criminal record.

“I don’t plan on visiting New York unless I have to,” he said.

Me either, young man.
Now, I think I will clean some clean guns and think of the place where I belong.

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  1. There are a lot of places that I do not go unless I have to (and if I have to, I’ll quit):

    1. New York City
    2. Washington, D.C.
    3. Chicago, IL
    4. Los Angeles, CA

  2. Well, I’ve been smack in the middle of LA, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. I’ve been around NYC. Don’t care to repeat any of those experiences and have no desire for a first time in NYC.

    Oh, yeah, San Francisco. BTDT, no desire to go again.

  3. We went to NYC in 1965. It was a few days after Whitman killed a couple dozen folks from the tower that was only 400 yards from my house. My Mom was supposed to be on Jeopardy but they reneged because of the whole Tower Killer stuff. So while she spent a few days waiting to see if she would be on, my brother and I walked the streets of Manhattan. On our last day we walked 76 blocks to the Empire State Building but it cost five bucks to go to the top so we started walking back to the hotel. On the way we were passing Jack Dempsey’s Restaurant and were trying to look into the tinted windows when this old man comes out and asks in an angry voice “What are you boys looking at!” I say in a thick Texas drawl “This is Jack Dempsey’s and he’s the greatest boxer who ever lived!”
    Well the old man was Jack Dempsey and he invited us in and fed us Club Sandwiches and 7Ups, got a cab to take us back to the Empire State building with instructions to get us to the top and wait to drive us home. I still have the Willard Dempsey Fight programs he autographed for us.

    • Great story.
      Sadly, JD doesn’t live there anymore.

      • That really is a great story. My only trip to nyc was a layover at the airport, waiting to catch a connecting flight to Spain.

        I’ll tell you, though, I had a lot of fun in DC. I won a trip in a sales contest, and Mrs. Nuke and I went up there and had a wonderful time. They rented out Mt. Vernon for us, and we had dinner and fireworks, along with wine tasting. Another dinner and fun at the Air and Space Museum.

        I didn’t care too much for chicargo or los angeles.

    • Wonderful story!

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