McCain’s oppo file on Romney

A few months ago, Buzzfeed uploaded John McCain’s oppo file on Romney. You can bet that the democrats have been studying and preparing ever since. Business Insider reduced the Romney tome down to 14 bullet points, calling them “bald-faced flip-flops.”

What can Mitt Romney do? He can’t change the past, he can’t deny it happened, and we can’t change the fact that we are stuck with him as the alternative choice for president this election cycle.

For me, it boils down to one thing:

Apologize for “Romney-Care.” Say he was wrong. Say he learned from the process, and instead of bringing the same mistake on a National level, he wants to repeal, replace, and move forward with fixing the economy by getting government out of the way of American Small Business.

It’s really that simple for me.

What about you?



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